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Mitos y Leyendas: The Two Wolves, a Cherokee Legend

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  • Genny de Bernardo shares with you the legend of the two wolves, a Cherokee story.
  • A grandmother calls her mischievous grandchildren to her side to tell them a tale.
  • This story has several versions, but all share the same message.

Who hasn’t been angry with someone at some point or hasn’t thought it was better not to say something? Or maybe wondered why they did what they did?

All human beings have good traits and others that are not so nice. But human nature has many nuances.

For a long time, studies have been dedicated to understanding human behavior. Thousands have devoted their lives to studying this.

But there’s also a simpler viewpoint that different cultures around the world have captured in various legends.

Ancestral Knowledge

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Without exception, all cultures in the world have a different worldview, but what is striking are the similarities they share.

Even without contact, ancestral cultures share similar stories about the conception of the world, and what’s also impressive are their learning stories.

Today, Myths and Legends shares with you a story that deals with human behavior but also with the decision to be a certain way.

It’s a Cherokee tale about a grandmother and her two mischievous grandchildren. She asks them to listen carefully about the duality within them.

The Two Wolves

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Once upon a time, there were little ones being cared for by their grandmother. The children were very mischievous, always playing around her.

One day, they were overly excited, jumping from one place to another, getting out of control. Before that happened, the grandmother called them to her side.

The children obliged without any problem. Near the fire, the grandmother told them she wanted them to hear a story about two wolves.

With great respect, they sat down to listen to their grandmother’s wise words.

The Conflict Between Two Wolves

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My grandchildren, here you are watching me from where you are. You can see my body, but know that inside me and inside you, there are two wolves.

The children, surprised and a bit curious, asked, «How is that possible? Why?» «It’s simple,» said the grandmother, «they are part of me.»

«See. Each of them has its own characteristics. One is good, kind, pleasant, benevolent, and loving; the other, on the other hand, is bad, rude, envious, greedy, and ruthless.» The children looked at her in surprise.

«Every day, they have a battle, but eventually, one of them will defeat the other.» «Do you know which one will win, grandma?» asked the children. She replied, «The one you decide to feed better.»

Good and Evil

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The children were delighted with the story. They perfectly understood the message the grandmother wanted to convey.

The message of the Cherokee isn’t very hidden, but it remains a powerful one. We all have the capacity to decide which wolf we want to win.

Sometimes the path isn’t easy, and we might feed the wrong wolf, but with practice and love, it’s clear which of the two wolves will emerge victorious.

We thank you for taking the time to read this short but powerful story. Genny de Bernardo bids you farewell for now. See you soon!

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Mitos y Leyendas
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