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Two undocumented immigrants arrested for using stolen credit cards at Walmart

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Walmart stolen credit cards, crime, store, hispanics
Walmart stolen credit cards (Photos: Marion County Police)
  • Two undocumented immigrants arrested for credit card fraud.
  • They didn’t expect to get caught at Walmart.
  • They’re also accused of breaking into cars.

Two men were arrested on 35 criminal charges after they tried to use stolen credit cards at Walmart.

The two Chilean immigrants then left the store located on E. Silver Spring Boulevard, in Ocala, Florida.

They did not arouse any suspicion while they were in the store.

However, they were caught on security cameras.

Walmart stolen credit cards: Their crime spree continued

Shoppers upset with Walmart. mundonow, usa, Walmart stolen credit cards
PHOTO: Shutterstock

After breaking into cars outside a Best Buy and using stolen credit cards to make large purchases at that store, police were alerted.

After five days of investigation, police located and arrested the suspects.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office announced, on January 14, the arrest of Ricardo Araya Rojas and Bastiane Paiva Arriola for the attempted robbery at Walmart.

At that point police realized the pair had been committing similar crimes at different stores in the area.

Their modus operandi

crime, offense, jail, prison, USA
Photos: Marion County Police

«On December 28, 2023, two Hispanic males entered the victim’s vehicle while it was parked at Coehadjoe Park on NE 35th Street, and they stole the victim’s credit cards,» The Ocala Police Department reported.

«The two went to the Walmart on E. Silver Springs Boulevard and attempted to make a purchase,» their Facebook statement continued.

The owner of the credit cards received a rejected transaction alert and reported the incident to authorities.

Property Crimes Detective Melvis Coates obtained security footage of the suspects and began his search with support from the community, the arrest warrant details.

Ricardo Araya Rojas and Bastiane Paiva Arriola were arrested

Hispanics, store, supermarket, modus operandi, prison
Photos: Marion County Police

A few days passed before officers got more leads on Araya and Paiva.

«Then, on January 12, 2024, the pair forcibly entered a vehicle parked at Silver Springs State Park and stole credit cards from inside the vehicle,» the statement continues.

«They used the credit cards to make several large purchases at Best Buy in Ocala.»

The two men returned to the Best Buy where they were recognized by manager who alerted police.

They will pay dearly for their crimes

Hispanics, robbery, Walmart, jail, crime
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Officers with the Ocala Police Department responded to the location and immediately arrested Araya Rojas and Paiva Arriola.

Police found that they had in their possession credit cards that did not belong to them.

The Marion Sheriff’s Office contacted the Ocala PD upon learning of the arrest and attempted to question the suspects, but they refused to speak.

The two Chileans, whose immigration status in the United States was not disclosed, face 35 charges.

What are the charges?

Hispanics, robbery, Walmart, jail, crime

Among the charges are three counts of theft of an unoccupied vehicle.

They also face five counts of illegal use of credit cards and nine counts of possession of stolen cards.

Marion County Jail records show Araya Rojas and Paiva Arriola remain in custody.

They have not been granted bail and must appear before the court at 9:00 in the morning on February 13.

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