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2 people arrested after children’s remains were found in a storage unit

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children's remains found, storage unit, Colorado
Children's remains found in storage unit (Photos: Pueblo Police Department)
  • Children’s remains found in a suitcase.
  • Two people have been arrested in Colorado.
  • The children had been missing for 6 years.

The search for two little Hispanic children ended after authorities confirmed the discovery of their skeletal remains.

They announced the arrest of the two main suspects in this tragic missing persons case that ended in a double murder.

Jesús and Yesenia Domínguez disappeared six years ago, when he was five years old and she was three.

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The children seemed to have been swallowed by the earth until a new clue emerged that revived the investigation, and the search for the siblings, on January 20.

Kings Storage Center, located in the 600 block of West 6th Street, warehouse staff discovered a metal container in a storage unit that appeared to contain human remains.

About 48 hours later, a community was in shock.

Pueblo Colorado police confirmed that the skeletal remains belonged to one of the children, who after being murdered, was placed in a metal container that was then filled with concrete.

Children’s remains found are two missing Hispanic siblings

Murder, crime, little brothers, Hispanics, children's remains found
Photos: Pueblo Police Department

The detectives dusted off the file and named the main suspects in the disappearance that was first reported in the summer of 2018.

Corena Rose Minjarez and Jesús Domínguez were interrogated on January 31, but at that time no evidence was found linking them to the case.

The couple maintained that the children could be in Phoenix, Arizona.

The detectives requested help from the community to locate them, but were unsuccessful.

The community is shocked by the murder

children's remains found, detained, police, attack, latinos
Photos: Pueblo Police Department

«Dominguez was arrested for an outstanding warrant,» the Pueblo Police Department said in a statement posted on Facebook.

It was suspected that Minjarez and Domínguez had something to do with the children’s disappearance, and it was only a matter of days before the detectives were able to determine they were correct.

However, they haven’t revealed their relationship to the children.

In the following days, detectives located a vehicle belonging to Corena Minjarez, at a local junkyard.

The children’s remains are discovered

Murder, little brothers, Hispanics, victim, USA
Photos: Pueblo Police Department

«On February 6th, 2024, Police executed a search warrant on that vehicle. Police located a suitcase in the trunk of the vehicle. In the suitcase were the remains of a young male child,» the official report states.

Nine days later, they received DNA confirmation that the remains found in the concrete belonged to Yesenia and those in the suitcase belonged to Jesús.

The families were notified and the investigation officially became a murder case.

On February 15, arrest warrants were issued for Minjarez and Domínguez.

Justice for the little ones?

girl, victim, patrol, officer, jail
Photos: Pueblo Police Department

Both were charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of abuse of a corpse.

Minjarez was arrested shortly after.

She appeared in court and is being held in the Pueblo County Jail on a $2,000,000 bond.

For reasons not clarified by the police, Domínguez, who should have remained in prison, was released.

Police are now searching for Jesus Domínguez

Murder, crime, little brothers, Hispanics, Latinos
Photos: Pueblo Police Department

Now the police are looking for him.

If you have seen Jesus Domínguez or have any information about his whereabouts, contact the authorities immediately.

Pueblo police were not informed of the children’s disappearance until January 2024.

The reason for this has not been clarified by the authorities. This situation has delayed justice for the siblings.

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