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TV host Raúl González opens up and admits infidelity

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Raúl González Despierta América
  • Raúl González admits infidelity.
  • The Univision host opens up to fans.
  • He reflects on his mistakes.

Once again, Despierta América host Raúl González is causing a stir after revealing that he was unfaithful.

The Venezuelan presenter has become one of the most beloved figures in the Hispanic community since he began his career at Univision.

Since he started working at Univision, he has gained the affection and admiration of many viewers.

This is why his surprising statements have made a significant impact on social media and among his admirers.

Raúl González admits infidelity

TV Host Raúl González Opens Up and Admits to Having Been Unfaithful

Raúl González had a conversation with his co-host Karla Martínez, where he opened up and revealed many things.

Among them was the fact that he had been unfaithful, a moment that stood out in his life and has since passed.

For the Despierta América host, the show is like a second home and the presenters are like family, so he did not hesitate to open up.

In addition to confessing that he had been a victim of fraud, the Venezuelan host shared something very personal with his colleague.

Despierta América host opens up

TV Host Raúl González infidelity

In a candid and introspective conversation, Raúl González tackled a topic that is often taboo.

He discussed infidelity with a maturity that comes with years and an unwavering self-confidence.

In one of the segments on the Univision morning show, the entrepreneur and host decided to be candid with Karla Martínez.

He spoke openly with her about a controversial and delicate topic involving cheating.

Raúl González discusses cheating

Raúl González infidelity
Foto: Mezcalent

Raúl González started by saying: «I told you, Karlita, that I have been unfaithful.»

Furthermore, the Despierta América host said he is confident it won’t happen again.

Approaching the topic, which is both common and stigmatized, the Venezuelan host had no problem admitting his mistake.

His confession was a way of freeing himself from a burden of the past.

I have been unfaithful to myself…

TV Host Raúl González Opens Up and Admits to Having Been Unfaithful

«I have been unfaithful to myself… When I stopped being true to my essence to please someone else,» the host said.

«When I stopped believing in my convictions and values for the sake of others’ opinions or to make someone happy,» he expressed.

The beloved Hispanic host said: «I think that’s the biggest form of infidelity.»

After that, he recalled a moment when they did a segment on the Univision show where they asked forgiveness.

Learning to forgive

Karla Martínez

«When we did a segment a few weeks ago about who you would ask for forgiveness, I asked myself for forgiveness for that,» he said.

«Because you can’t stop being yourself. NO, life is one and we have to live it as it is,» Raúl González concluded.

His sincere words resonated with Univision presenter Karla Martínez, who nodded in admiration.

«I believe that the worst infidelity is that, being unfaithful to yourself,» the Mexican host said frankly.

Taking time to look within

TV Host Raúl González Unfaithful

«Once you are unfaithful to yourself, you are capable of being unfaithful to anyone,» the Univision presenter added.

This assertion resonated powerfully, even though it wasn’t about the typical romantic infidelity most people think of.

Raúl González outlined his personal concept of betrayal which is something deeper and less obvious than a romantic relationship.

Commitment to authenticity

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This frank confession resonated with viewers as a testament to the internal struggle that so many face.

This conversation shed light on the internal betrayal that can lead to losing one’s personal identity.

Raúl’s courageous confession made a lasting impression on those who heard his honest words according to People en Español.

Furthermore, the host recalls that the most important commitment we can have is to ourselves. To see the full segment click here.

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