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TV Azteca host criticized for rude comment about immigrants (VIDEO)

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  • TV Azteca host makes inappropriate comment on live television.
  • She makes a rude remark about immigrants.
  • People destroy her on social media.

A Mexican TV host went viral on social media after making some controversial statements. Nina Andrade was talking with her co-host about the migrant situation.

However, she never imagined the impact that her words would have, not only on the viewers of the show, but also on social media where hundreds of internet users have been lashing out at her.

TV Azteca host makes rude remark about migrants

They criticize Tv Azteca host comment migrants
PHOTO: Twitter

Nina Andrade is a host on TV Azteca, for the newscast Hechos AM: Primera Línea. However, she recently made a rather inopportune comment about the migrant situation that upset viewers.

The blonde host began to talk about this issue with her co-host Daniela Obregón. However, as the conversation progressed Obregón couldn’t hide her discomfort.

What Nina Andrade said

PHOTO: Twitter

Daniela Obregón said: «Many migrants have the American dream in their heads but it ends up being the Mexican dream.» Nina, while reading comments from social media users, responded…

«Of course, because they don’t even have money to return home, and look how interesting the whole issue is becoming on social media.» Nina said this on live television, while co-host looked uncomfortable.

But that was not all…

They criticize Tv Azteca host comment migrants
PHOTO: Twitter

Apparently Obregón realized how inappropriate her co-host’s words were. She remained completely silent while Nina continued reading comments.

One of the comments she read was: «Yes it is true, there is free transit in Mexico but we do not have the resources to receive so many people or to manage them.» ‘Yeah, it’s definitely gotten out of hand already.»

Andrade was destroyed on social media

PHOTO: Twitter

The Twitter account @RCulturaPop shared the video of the awkward moment with the following message: «How do you see @_NinaAndrade of @PrimeraLineaAM ? Mocking and discriminating against migrants because “they don’t have money.”

While in comments, people did not miss what the host said and attacked her: “And do you study for this? Oh really?» “Is this on the air? Get that out now.” “Well, the unknown, Nina Andrade, is going to become more famous for being so dumb.” “Tv Azteca and its ‘brilliant’ hires.”

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