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The Tucanes of Tijuana dress in mourning after the murder of Mario Olvera

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Tucanes de Tijuana in mourning (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Murder of Mario Olvera.
  • He collaborated with famous bands.
  • Shock in the music industry.

In a tragic turn of events, the renowned music promoter Mario Olvera, brother of the famous singer Luis Alfonso Partida, better known as ‘El Yaki’, was murdered in the past hours.

Olvera, who collaborated with renowned bands such as El Recodo and Carín León, among others, fell victim to a violent attack on the stretch of Camino Real to Momoxpan, in Puebla, Mexico.

Various figures from the artistic community have taken to social media to bid farewell to the promoter in light of the unfortunate incident.

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Los Tucanes de Tijuana in mourning

The Toucans of Tijuana are in mourning, Mario Olvera, Toucans of Tijuana, Mexico, Music,
The Toucans of Tijuana are in mourning PHOTO Capture from Instagram

Among those who have dressed in mourning is the group ‘Los Tucanes de Tijuana’.

Through their social media, they shared an image of Olvera with a farewell message.

«We deeply regret the passing of our dear friend, Mario Olvera, and send our condolences to his family and friends,» they said.

«Rest in Peace, Mario Olvera,» they added via their Instagram profile, where they posted a photograph of Olvera.

Mario Olvera murdered in attack

It has been revealed that the Public Security Secretariat of San Pedro Cholula confirmed the tragic outcome.

Thus, disclosing that Olvera fell victim to an attack perpetrated by three individuals.

According to preliminary reports, the perpetrators carried out a planned attack, hitting the rear of the victim’s vehicle to force it to stop, and then firing shots.

Following the violent incident, the assailants fled towards the Periférico Ecológico, leaving the crime scene behind.

Reflections on security

Mario Olvera, Toucans of Tijuana, Mexico, Death, MundoNOW
PHOTO Shutterstock

The incident has deeply shaken the music industry and the followers of ‘El Yaki’, who have expressed their pain and solidarity through social media.

This unfortunate episode highlights the vulnerability of many professionals in the artistic sphere.

In addition to the urgent need to strengthen security measures in areas where violence and crime continue to pose a significant challenge.

It is crucial to acknowledge that prominent figures in the music and entertainment industry face real risks due to public exposure.

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