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2 jurors are excused from Trump’s criminal trial

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Trump trial jury selection continues (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Trump trial jury selection continues.
  • 2 people have been excused from the panel.
  • The trial is set to start Monday.

The Donald Trump trial for alleged hush money payments amde to several individuals continues, and updates have emerged about two of the selected jurors.

According to The Associated Press, two of the previously chosen jurors have been dismissed.

It appeared that seven jurors were sworn in, but it seems that has changed.

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The Trump trial continues

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Trump trial -PHOTO: The Associated Press

First, one of the potential jurors expressed concern to the judge about her privacy.

The press allegedly disclosed her identity along with her physical description, which resulted in the decision to dismiss her.

There will be a total of 12 judges and six alternates, but the process has been delayed, and now Judge Juan Merchan hopes this selection will be completed tomorrow.

Judge Merchan has requested the press and media refrain from writing about the identities of those selected to sit on Trump’s jury.

Donald Trump’s trial

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PHOTO: The Associated Press

The judge expressed his indignation at the situation: «We just lost what would probably have been a very good juror in this case.»

However, this was not the only person sent home that day.

Another juror was dismissed for lying about his criminal history.

Judge Juan Merchan spent five minutes with the jurors to question certain information that was made public in the press about this person’s backgroun.

Jury selection continues

former president, court, process, legal, attack
Photo: AP

Apparently, the juror in question had had legal troubles in 1990, which led the judge to send him home.

«He should not return, and he will not be back on Monday morning,» Judge Merchan confirmed.

It was reported that many of the selected jurors are lawyers, and one in particular is familiar with these types of processes.

Now there are still 13 jurors left to select, including the alternates.

What comes next?

Trial, Trump, president, tycoon, accusation
PHOTO: Shutterstock

So far, according to the AP, Trump has remained calm, only complaining about the room temperature and the air conditioning.

This follows a warning previously made to him about his behavior and not to interrupt the process.

If he does not comply, he risks being arrested and sent directly to jail.

So far, 48 individuals were dismissed as potential jurors after asserting they could not be impartial or for other reasons.

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