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Trump attacks immigrants in the Bronx

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Trump attacks immigrants in the Bronx (Photo: The Associated Press)
Former Republican President Donald Trump held an unusual rally on Thursday in the South Bronx where he once again attacked immigrants.

Although the Bronx is a Democratic bastion, he was received by an audience that he engaged with his usual campaign themes, especially immigration.

He spoke for an hour and a half in the rally at Crotona Park before thousands of people — 10,000 according to his organization, and 3,500 according to the city.

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Trump promises ‘the largest criminal deportation in history’

Trump attacks immigrants Bronx, Bronx, New York, Trump Bronx, MundoNOW
Trump attacks immigrants in the Bronx / PHOTO: The Associated Press

There was great diversity in race and age, but the majority of the crowd showed fervent support, while an imposing police deployment separated the few anti-Trump protesters who dared to appear.

In a district in which more than half of the population is Hispanic and more than a quarter Black, the Republican candidate argued that “millions” of immigrants are leaving their countries’ prisons empty, entering the United States illegally. and committing “migrant crimes.”

Amid cries of “Send them back” and “Build the wall,” Trump promised “the largest criminal deportation in history” and even suggested that immigrants “are creating an army from within” because “ they usually have good physique, between 19-25 years old, almost all of them are men, and they are of fighting age.”

The politician shared shocking anecdotes, such as an “attack by a migrant gang on police officers” in Times Square or the use of a school as a migrant shelter in Brooklyn. He also recycled a metaphorical story from his previous campaign about a snake who bites the woman who rescues it.

It was a diverse crowd

Trump attacks immigrants, bronx, rally, election, immigrants, politics
Trump attacks immigrants in the Bronx / PHOTO: The Associated Press

Trump also lashed out at his rival, Democratic President Joe Biden, saying that the leaders of China, North Korea and Russia are “on top of the world.”

Trump’s fans listened raptly to his words, including anecdotes from his career as a real estate businessman in New York, and even more so when he joked that he had «an overdose of politics» and wanted to talk to young people in the Bronx about success.

The audience included families with elderly people, babies and children, groups of teenagers, middle-aged couples and many young adults, especially men, with a notable presence of Jews wearing kippahs and traditional shirts.

“The harder you work, the luckier you are,” Trump began, spending several minutes reflecting on how to build a career.

Trump’s followers believe he will secure the border

Trump attacks immigrants, bronx, rally, election, immigrants, politics
Trump attacks immigrants in the Bronx / PHOTO: The Associated Press

Trump’s charisma and business resume were incentives for many middle-class followers, such as Krystal, who said she admired the “golf course builder” Trump, or María, a Salvadoran artisan who highlighted his “rebellious” character saying he “fixed the city” for decades.

A group of Dominican residents who were waving their flag told EFE that Trump is their candidate for being “a man of values ​​and pro-life,” in addition to the fact that he will defend the borders better than Biden and will reduce crime.

For his first rally in New York since 2016, Trump surrounded himself with Republicans such as commentator Andrew Giuliani and Florida congressman Byron Donalds, but he highlighted former Democratic senator and Reverend Rubén Díaz Sr, who gave him his vote and told EFE that he was sure that the Bronx could become republican.

One repeated argument was that the attendees were not “black, brown or white,” but Americans, and that they voted as such.

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