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Trump agrees to 2 debates with Biden

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Trump accepts Biden's proposal, Debates, Elections, Presidency, Candidates, Voting- Trump acepta propuesta de Biden, Debates, Elecciones, Presidencia, Candidatos, Votaciones
Trump agrees to debate Biden (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • Trump agrees to debate Biden.
  • Both debates will be televised.
  • Expectations are high.

Donald Trump has agreed to Joe Biden’s proposal for two debates before the presidential election.

This marks a new chapter in the political contest for the 2024 elections.

The debates are scheduled for June and September.

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Trump agrees to debate Biden

President, United States, Mandate, News, Trump accepts Biden's proposal
Photo: The Associated Press

The teams are still far apart on key details such as the setting and the basic rules for the debates.

In a post on his social media platform Truth Social, the former U.S. President issued a brief statement accepting the proposal.

«I am Ready and Willing to Debate Crooked Joe on the two proposed dates in June and in September,» stated Donald Trump.

«I would strongly recommend more than two debates and, for entertainment purposes, a very large venue although Biden is supposedly afraid of crowds,» he added.

Details on the presidential debates

Former President, USA, Government, Elections, Voting
Photo: The Associated Press

Biden, 81, and Trump, 77, have previously faced off in debates before the 2020 presidential election.

The president’s proposal includes holding televised debates without a physical audience, according to the Presidential Debate Commission.

Trump, known for his direct and bombastic style, criticized Biden as » worst debater I’ve ever faced.»

Trump also described Biden as «the worst president in the history of the United States.»

The candidates trade barbs

Challenges, Controversy, Confrontation, Discussions, Candidacy
Photo: The Associated Press

«He can’t put two sentences together!» continued Trump in his tirade.

«Just tell me when, I’ll be there. Let’s get ready to rumble!!!» he concluded his rant on Truth Social.

«Trump says he’ll arrange his own transportation,” Biden wrote on X, “I’ll bring my plane, too. I plan on keeping it for another four years.

This back and forth reflects the intensity and competition that characterize the electoral campaign.

The importance of the presidential debates

Biden, White House, Debate, Impact, The latest
Photo: Truth Social / Donald Trump

The verbal confrontation between Trump and Biden in these debates will be closely followed by millions.

They represent a crucial opportunity to evaluate the proposals and abilities of the candidates before the election.

The expectation for these debates is high, as they are an important window for voters to understand the visions and plans of the candidates for the future of the United States.

The Commission on Presidential Debates will not be responsible for setting the rules and format of the debates, according to The Associated Press.

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