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Truck falls off a bridge and its driver is miraculously saved

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Foto referencial: Getty Images / Video: MH
  • The driver lost control of the unit
  • Van and subject fell 70 feet from a vehicular crossing bridge
  • The subject managed to survive to tell this terrible odyssey

In heavy snow, a pickup truck falls 70

feet from a ramp bridge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and its driver miraculously survives.

This tragic event was recently disclosed on the digital platform, by posting a video from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation showing the traffic accident from start to finish.

Apparently, the driver of the red pickup truck lost control of the truck as it moved up the raised ramp to reach the exit point.

Also, the audiovisual material is very clear and details how the pickup truck abruptly jumped the concrete barrier of the ramp bridge to very high speed.


Photo: YouTube capture of FOX6 News Milwaukee.

The unit quickly collapses into the void and performs a few turns in the air, then, in a matter of seconds, crashes into the hard asphalt of Interstate 94, without involving other cars, said the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The most surprising thing about this unusual event was that the pickup truck landed on its powerful four wheels. While the driver left the truck startled because he was about to lose his life after committing recklessness on the road.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had reported that police officers arrived at the scene to attend to this case. Other drivers parked their vehicles to help the person driving the pickup truck.

According to the people, the subject remained conscious and was breathing, so he was immediately transferred to a health center by the Milwaukee firefighters.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel publishes information on pickup truck crash.

An investigation by the Milwaukee sheriff’s office maintains that the driver was driving down Interstate 94 toward Interstate 41 when he crashed.

Meanwhile, the subject was very lucky because if the unit had fallen with the wheels up, he would possibly be crushed to death or would be left with very serious injuries to his body.

Milwaukee Police said a large amount of snow had accumulated on the road, causing the unit to jump over the barrier.

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