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Truck crash in Russia leaves 16 dead

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  • A collision between a truck and a minibus in Ulyanovsk, Russia, has left at least 16 dead.
  • Three other people were injured. The accident occurred on a stretch of road under repair.
  • So far, the authorities do not know the cause.

A collision between a truck and a minibus in Ulyanovsk, Russia, has left at least 16 dead and three wounded. The accident occurred on a section of road that was under repair and, so far, the authorities do not know the cause of the accident, according to  Noticias Sin and Euronews.

The first reports issued by the interior minister say the investigations indicate that the truck driver was not able to stop in time and the minibus was crushed between two heavy vehicles. For now the Russian Investigation Committee opened a case to find out what happened.

Russia truck crash killed
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It has been indicated that among the deceased is the driver of the truck, while three people were taken to a hospital for medical care. Their condition is unknown at this time but everything indicates that they are in bad shape, due to the magnitude of the road mishap.

Some images that are already circulating on social media show that the small vehicle was totally smashed. In addition, rescue teams are seen trying to help get people out, while waiting for the arrival of more rescuers. The accident shocked the public in the midst of an attack that occurred hours before.


dead accident
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Upon learning of the accident, the president of Kyrgyzstan, Sadir Zhaparov, issued the order to send a plane to return the remains of the victims of the accident, reported the president’s press office. This is in order to expedite the necessary processes and so that the bodies are already with their families so they can say goodbye.

This comes amid news that the daughter of a Russian nationalist ideologue often called «Putin’s mastermind» was killed when a bomb exploded in her car outside Moscow, authorities said on Sunday. The explosion occurred on Saturday night in the SUV driven by Daria Dugina, the Moscow region office of the Russian Investigative Committee reported. The 29-year-old was the daughter of political theorist Alexander Dugin, a prominent proponent of the «Russian world» concept and a vehement supporter of sending Russian troops to Ukraine. Filed Under: Russia truck crash killed

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