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Tricks to win the lottery: Housewife has won at least $100,000

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  • A housewife reveals her tricks to win the lottery.
  • She has won at least $ 100,000 with her particular strategy.
  • What is her trick to win?

TRICKS TO WIN THE LOTTERY: A housewife in the United States has earned at least $100,000 in the last five years playing the lottery and now she has decided to share the strategy that she has been using.

The Maryland Lottery reported that the 30-year-old scored her most recent win after purchasing an instant ticket at a convenience store in Mardela Springs. Reviewing the winning numbers, the woman realized that she had won $100,000!

Housewife has won at least $100,000

Tips to win the lottery
Photo: AP

The truth is that this housewife did not think that she would win again, but there is a strategy that she has been using that may be giving her an advantage over everyone else. Of course, do not forget that no strategy is a guarantee of victory and that, in fact, the chances of winning are very limited.

When she won the $100,000, local lottery officials asked her what the key to success had been, and the Wicomico County, Maryland resident bluntly revealed that her secret was based on research, according to The Sun.

She investigates and plays

Tips to win the lottery
Photo: AP

“My husband and I do the work on your website,” the young winner told the local lottery. “We found out which scratch-off games have been around for a long time but still have a lot of big prizes,” she said revealing her strategy.

Basically, the couple browses the lottery websites in their state and checks to see how many prizes are available with respect to the number of tickets left. In other words, they bet where they are most likely to win.

What to do with so much money?

Powerball and Mega Millions accumulate $669 million
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Amazing as it sounds, the Maryland player’s investigative work led her to buy a $100,000 ticket, although she also acknowledged that luck and superstition played a role in her victory, as she hadn’t even planned on buying that ticket at Goose Creek #03.

“I knew they had sold a big ticket a few weeks ago. I was hoping there was still some luck hanging around,“ commented the lucky winner who said that she will put her lottery winnings in the bank in a savings account for her children.

Other tricks to win

Photo: archive

The Maryland housewife is not the only one who has used research as a tool to become a winner. A lottery player who won thousands of scratch-offs told The Sun recently they looked at the store where they wanted to buy the ticket. «If you see three tickets at the counter and ask for the same ticket, you will most likely win if someone has already lost for you,» explained a player who goes by Scratch Life on YouTube.

In addition, he added that asking store employees who won and who lost can be very helpful. “They can help, they can definitely point out which ticket to play that day,” the player added, so all in all… doing a little research wouldn’t hurt.

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