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Profe Claudio Nieto: Tricks of Nutritional Facts

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Trucos de etiquetas nutrimentales, Números, Datos, MundoNow, Podcast
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  • Profe Claudio Nieto explains to you about the tricks of nutritional facts.
  • The food industry might be hiding information from you.
  • Some data is not as they portray it.

In the vast universe of supermarkets, Claudio Nieto faces the daily challenge of deciphering the nutritional labels that adorn products on the shelves.

Who would have thought that this seemingly simple act hides a game of shadows designed by the food industry itself?

Here’s a guide through this informative maze, unraveling secrets that few are aware of.

The art of reading nutritional labels seems to be a mystery for most. How many of us truly understand the numbers and percentages presented in those tiny boxes?

Health is not a priority on facts

Nutritional data, Figures, Fats, MundoNow, Podcast

Ignorance becomes the starting point of this informational odyssey.

Welcome to the realm where labeling rules are written by those with a direct interest in the game: the food industry.

Who, if not them, could be the referee in this information match? This raises the question of objectivity and true transparency in labeling.

The sad reality is that, in this cosmos of labels and figures, health is often relegated to the background.

Lies in the media

Television, Media, Control, MundoNow, Tricks of nutritional facts

Large corporations, driven by the thirst for profit, design labels that highlight what suits them, not necessarily what is best for you.

Advertising has immense power, and the hefty investments of the food industry are not strangers to this truth.

The information that comes through the media can be so biased that, in the end, what you see and believe you know can misinform you more than it really enlightens you.

It turns out that even reliable sources, such as nutrition societies and doctors, are sometimes financially entwined with the food industry.

Labeling tricks

Nutrition label tricks, Pasta, Fork, MundoNow, Podcast

How can you fully trust recommendations when money seems to speak louder than health?

Open your eyes to the tricks of labeling. Products are labeled as «low in fat» or «a source of fiber,» but the reality is that these terms can be strategies to disguise products that are not as healthy as they appear.

How about a soft drink that, although it may seem to promise cardiovascular benefits by adding potassium, actually hides a high load of sodium and sugar?

This is just one example of how nutritional facts tricks can deceive. «Digestive,» «boosts your defenses,» terms that sound wonderful but can be mere marketing tricks.


Salmon, Vegetables, Dish, Tricks of nutritional facts, Podcast

The call to action is clear: One should not be deceived by terms that do not guarantee nutritional quality.

In this journey of discovery, Claudio emphasizes the importance of focusing on the real quality of food. Beyond labels, real ingredients are the true indicator of nutritional goodness.

Claudio concludes with advice: one should not become a slave to labels. Look beyond the numbers and percentages; real food does not need a marketing disguise to be nutritious.

Health deserves genuine transparency, beyond labels that try to shape its perception. Profe Claudio Nieto bids you farewell for now. Until next time!

Profe Claudio Nieto
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