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Functional and discreet: Real estate market trend

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  • A new real estate market trend makes houses more functional and discreet.
  • It is a matter of coordinating natural elements with the structure of the property.
  • The Split House is an example of emerging real estate market trends.

The owner of the Split House, located in the community of Asker, Norway, had a large lot and, together with his family, lived in a house on the property. However, he wanted to build a new residence, closer to the seafront, without blocking the view from his former home and those of his neighbors, creating a new real estate market trend.





The firm Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects (JVA) designed this new home.

A «discreet» building

The lighting accentuates and enriches each of the spaces. Photo: REFORM AGENCY

«The new house it is built within the 100-meter zone strictly regulated in Norway up to the sea line ”, said Claes Cho Heske Ekornås, partner of the firm, who works on this new trend in the world real estate market.

The building had to be inconspicuous for the special building permit to be granted in that area. The land is a long slope to the sea line and the house was built halfway between the old house and the marine environment. In order not to invade the landscape, the architects built the new body leaving a part “buried”.

Half under the ground

The house stands out for its volume without invading the perspective of the environment. Photo: REFORM AGENCY

“Only half is visible from the ground; It is a fairly large house, but it seems much smaller than it really is ”, explained the architect of this trend in the world real estate market.

In addition, a sedum, which is a moss grass, was planted on the roof, which becomes a natural extension of the surrounding terrain. Thus it was achieved that from the old house the new building is not very visible.

With sea views

All rooms have a view of the Norwegian coast. Photo: REFORM AGENCY

Another important aspect that guided the architectural design was that the client wanted all the environments to have a view of the sea, but also to be sheltered from the neighbors.

“This contradiction of having excellent views, but also being protected, gave the work its final shape: the volumes lean and bend to achieve the wishes of the owner,” Heske Ekornås explained.

Natural materiality

The main material used is cedar. Photo: REFORM AGENCY

In the Split House, the architects opted to use natural building materials, which is why, both inside and outside, a large part of the surfaces are covered with oak wood, as part of this trend in the world real estate market.

In addition, the part that protrudes from the ground where the openings and windows are is lined with cedar wood.

Wood is perfect

Wood creates a warm atmosphere in the interior. Photo: REFORM AGENCY

“Using cedar is perfect for this site and project, as it is quite dense in fibers, that makes it less soggy with water than other woods and is less likely to rot,” Heske Ekornås said.

“On the other hand, cedar wood does not need additional treatment to withstand the rain, and in this project we wanted it not to be treated. The brown color will fade and turn gray, something we like, as it will fit well with the concrete and slate stone that contains the mass. »

It must have seemed small

At the main entrance a cobbled path was drawn. Photo: REFORM AGENCY

The added benefit of this type of wood, he added, is that it has no visible twig marks, so it has a clean appearance and makes the project less visible.

Regarding the biggest building challenges for that house, the architect highlighted that since the client’s schedule was quite extensive, a big challenge was making it fit into a home that should appear small.

A luxury by the sea

It is a home that sets trends for being functional and discreet. Photo: REFORM AGENCY

«There were some additional measures to build it on the ground and keep the ‘roof landscape’ in place,» he commented. «The large garage doors were specially built with hinges, so they would snap open rather than roll up to the ceiling, to save construction height.»

In the end, the residence, which houses the private areas on the top floor, fulfills its purpose of allowing direct views towards the sea, without hindering the neighbors.

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