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Tragedy in Brazil: 18-year-old who was expecting quintuplets loses her babies

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Tragedy in Brazil (Photo: Instagram Gerardo Quintuplos)
  • Sara Campos loses quintuplets.
  • The news was confirmed by her boyfriend on social media.
  • It was a very rare pregnancy.

A tragedy in Brazil began trending on social media when Sara Campos lost her quintuplets.

Her story made headlines after she announced the rare unplanned pregnancy on social media.

It’s very unusual for a woman to be carrying quintuplets without fertility treatments.

As a result the news quickly went viral on social media

It’s extremely rare to be pregnant with quintuplets

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Only one in 60 million pregnancies result in quintuplets.

A student at the medical school in Fluminense determined that Sara Campos most likely got pregnant in October of this year.

People were impressed by this extremely rare pregnancy.

Multiple births are not common.

The most talked about pregnancy in Brazil

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Tragedy in Brazil: The 18-year-old, who is originally from Rio de Janeiro, found out she was pregnant and went in for an ultrasound.

She was shocked to learn she was carrying not one baby, but five.

Campos and her boyfriend, Renán Alves, 20, shared the surprising news on social media.

They quickly became a viral sensation that touched all of Brazil.

Sara Campos’ boyfriend spoke about the miscarriage

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However, the new family’s happiness was short-lived. The father, Renan Alves de Oliveira, confirmed the sad news.

He did this through an Instagram post announcing that Sara lost the babies.

«At this sensitive time, we share this not to inform you that Sara unfortunately lost her quintuplets.»

«Sara is having a difficult tie, so please, we ask for everyone’s understanding,» the post reads.

What caused her to lose the babies?

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So far, it isn’t known what happened.

However, there is a theory that Sara could have had a miscarriage.

This is not uncommon before the 20th week of pregnancy.

It is difficult to know why this happens.

People offer their condolences on social media

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People on social media have shown their support for Sara Campos and her boyfriend.

Many expressed empathy and shared messages of support for the family and condolences for their loss.

So far, her Instagram post has more than 200,000 likes.

To see their pregnancy announcement click HERE.

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