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Toni Costa responds after he is harshly criticized during a live Zumba class

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Toni Costa is criticized during a Zumba class (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Toni Costa faces constant criticism.
  • He was recently criticized during a live Zumba class.
  • His message to his haters.

Toni Costa often shares news about his career, and sometimes even his private life, on social media.

However, he’s not immune to criticism from followers who like to leave negative comments.

On this occasion, Adamari López’s ex was criticized during a live Zumba class.

However, the instructor somehow remained calm and decided to respond to all those who have attacked him.

Toni Costa’s presence on social media

User Reviews, Live Stream
PHOTO: Mezcalent

While Toni Costa takes the opportunity to share different posts with his followers, the detractors never tire of weighing in.

He has been the target of ridicule on almost all of his Instagram posts.

This time was no exception, and he was a victim again while teaching a live Zumba class.

His critics did not take long to comment while the class was going on.

Toni Costa is criticized during a Zumba class

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PHOTO Mezcalent

During a live broadcast of one of his Zumba classes, Toni Costa took the time to read the comments.

While the class continued with a group of women dancing in the back of the room, he sent a message.

According to People en Español, people were slamming his teaching, dancing and even his personal life.

Finally, Costa stopped to respond to the haters.

Toni Costa responds to his critics

Relationship with Adamari López, Controversy on networks
PHOTO Mezcalent

Toni Costa did not interrupt his class to send the message to all those who attacked him in the comments, but instead addressed the camera.

«Always good vibes, and whoever has poison, let them swallow it,» he said while sticking his tongue out at the camera and resuming his class.

It is not the first time that Adamari López’s ex and father of her little girl has been attacked online.

Toni and his current girlfriend, Evelyn Beltrán, criticized on Instagram.

He’s under pressure

Anniversary with Evelyn Beltrán, Message to haters, Public reactions, Social media strategy
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The Spanish dancer has been a victim of attacks on Instagram, to the point that he has gone so far as to deactivate the comments on his posts.

Just as he did in one of his recent posts with his partner Evelyn Beltrán, where they were celebrating their anniversary.

Just a couple of days ago, Toni Costa posted a video that was directed at his critics.

In the video he’s staring at the sunset and he sends a strong message to his haters.

What did Toni say?

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PHOTO Mezcalent

The audio that accompanied the images in the video was in English.

«This is a message to all the haters out there, if you don’t like what I do, but you see everything I’m doing, you’re still a fan.»

Toni Costa has found a way to deal with criticism in the social media responding just as in Sunday’s class.

According to People en Español the video of the Zumba class is no longer available.

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