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A new romance? Tom Cruise sent flowers to Shakira

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  • There are rumors of a romance between Tom Cruise and Shakira.
  • Fans give their opinion about this situation.
  • Does Shakira have any interest in the Top Gun star?

After being seen together a few days ago, social media users say Hollywood star Tom Cruise has already sent flowers to singer Shakira. Now rumors are circulating about a possible romance.

The actor and the singer were seen together last weekend during the Miami Grand Prix, in the fifth season of Formula 1. Various images were captured of both stars having a good time.

Does Shakira already have a new man?

Does Shakira already have a lover?

Some fans claim that the Top Gun star has fallen in love with the native of Barranquilla, Colombia. They have even said that the actor is pursuing the gorgeous singer.

Shakira has had one of her worst years in her entire life after the split with Gerard Pique and the problems that ensued. Shakira has managed to move forward despite the difficult situation and now many think that she and Cruise would make a good couple.

Did Tom Cruise send Shakira flowers?

Did Tom Cruise send Shakira flowers?

Both celebrities are single, so a romance is not out of the question. A source even told the Page Six that Tom Cruise «is extremely interested pursuing her,» adding, “There is chemistry.”

According to El Universal, other US outlets such as TMZ, report that the actor seems interested in the singer, after spending time together last weekend. It’s even reported he sent her flowers.

Fans warn Shakira to stay away from Tom

They ask you to go away

However, fans have warned the Shakira to stay away from the actor since they say he’s trying too hard. They worry that Tom Cruise wants to recruit Piqué’s ex into Scientology, according to El Unisersal.

This fear is based on Cruise’s history since other women he has dated have indicated that it is hell to be in a relationship with the Mission Impossible star.

“Good for her”

“Good for her”

It is worth mentioning that although it’s all just rumors at this point, many internet users say that they make a beautiful couple and are happy that Shakira may have finally found happiness again after her break up with Piqué.

«Good for her.» «I love her with Tom Cruise.» «For Tom there is no ‘mission impossible’, don’t forget it.» «Shakira with her son excited to share her with an actor who makes action movies that children like.» “Run Tom, run. she bills! With that greeting, she is going to make you a song,” said some users.

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