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To prison! Former Miss Oaxaca, Laura Mojica is arrested for alleged crimes of kidnapping in Mexico

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Foto Instagram Laura Mojica
  • Former Miss Oaxaca 2018 is arrested along with other people for alleged crimes of kidnapping
  • Laura Mojica Romero goes from representing Mexico in a beauty pageant to prison
  • The model could be up to 50 years in prison

Miss Oaxaca arrested kidnapping.

Through a statement from police agents, it was reported that 8 people who were engaged in kidnapping were captured, including the former Miss Oaxaca in 2018, Laura Mojica Romero, according to Reform.

Laura Mojica who in 2018 will win the beauty contest, being crowned Miss Oaxaca, she could spend a large part of her life locked up, depending on the sentence handed down by the judge.

The State Attorney General’s Office, in its statement, reported on the arrest of Luis Antonio «N», Raúl «N», María del Rosario «N», Ana Martha «N», Laura «N», César Enrique «N», Diego «N» and Jossiel «N», when an anti-kidnapping operation was implemented to capture them, according to the portal of NVInews.

Miss Oaxaca arrested kidnapping Laura Mojica Romero


These 8 alleged kidnappers were brought before a judge, who issued a formal prison order, to whom they could be sentenced up to 50 years in prison, for the crime of kidnapping, in the state of Veracruz.

In order for a certain sentence to occur, it was reported that information and evidence will continue to be collected that will allow the judge to make a judgment in this regard and make his verdict.

On the Instagram account of Showgirl boyThe news was also shared about the capture of the young model who shone with her beauty in various contests.

Miss Oaxaca arrested kidnapping Laura Mojica Romero 2


Along with the publication, he left a heading where he affirms what happened, «#LauraMR, who was crowned # MissOaxaca2018 to later represent Mexico in # LaReinaInternacionalDelCafé 2020, was #detained in Veracruz along with a criminal gang dedicated to #knapping.»

“The Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Specialized Unit in the Fight against Kidnapping (UECS), obtained the order of formal connection to the process, against 8 alleged members of a gang of alleged kidnappers, who operated in the area of ​​Veracruz – Huatusco; among them the 25-year-old Tuxtepecana, Miss Oaxaca 2018, Laura MR «, wrote the social network account.

Who is Laura Mojica?

Laura Mojica Romero, was the winner of the beauty pageant in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, who also a year ago represented the entire Mexican country in the international coffee kingdom in Colombia 2020, winning first place.

Miss Oaxaca arrested kidnapping Laura Mojica Romero 3


The model had disappeared from social networks since last January 14, she had no activity on Instagram, Twitter or on TikTok, since her process was carried out these days, she had already been detained for almost a month, in the operative, according to El Piñero.

It is worth mentioning that the young woman’s modeling career was on the rise, since a few months ago she appeared on Televisa’s Hoy program, wearing a beautiful wedding dress, where the presenters Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo presented her.

In your account Instagram, Laura has so far more than 20 thousand followers, where she constantly showed off her figure in daring lingerie and bikinis, and sexy outfits that highlight the beauty of the young woman.

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Filed as Miss Oaxaca arrested kidnapping Laura Mojica Romero.

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