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6 tricks to make your house bigger and more spacious

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  • Even if you don’t have a lot of space in your home, there are some easy ways to make your rooms look huge.
  • How to furnish or decorate spaces to make them look bigger.
  • We have to some easy, inexpensive tips.

I WANT MY HOUSE TO LOOK SPACIOUS! Don’t worry, even if you don’t have much space in your home, there are some simple ways to help you make your rooms look huge. Here are six tricks to make your house look bigger and more spacious.

Nobody wants to live in a cave, but sometimes we have to make due with small living quarters. The question then is how to furnish or decorate to make them look bigger. Here we have some inexpensive and simple ideas for opening up your space.

6 tricks to make your house look bigger

6 tricks to make your house look bigger and bigger
Height curtains. Photo: Shutterstock

USE MIRRORS. The first tip is very simple. Get some mirrors. Mirrors are not only functional, they can also be decorative. Mirrors expand a space by reflecting light, making the place brighter and creating the illusion that it is larger. Sodimac Blog also recommends placing them in front of a window or a corridor for a better effect.

HANG CURTAINS. Curtains can create a visual effect of spaciousness. How do they do it? Hang them as high as possible, this will will create the impression of high ceilings. The color you use is also important. Light colors will always help make the space look bigger.

Simple tips

6 tricks to make your house look bigger and bigger
Natural light. Photo: Shutterstock

NATURAL LIGHT. Since we are talking about curtains, remember that natural light is a HUGE advantage in rooms with little space. If you have small rooms, it is best to have large windows. Since that is not always possible, try to hang curtains made of light fabrics that will allow light to shine through as well as natural ventilation.

LESS IS MORE. This phrase applies perfectly when we want to give the feeling of spaciousness. If we put too many things inside a small room, we will wind up with a cluttered and overwhelming environment. When decorating small rooms, furniture with straight lines and light colors is ideal. For example, choose drawers or shelves with doors so you can store things out of sight.


Beds and nightstands with exposed legs. Photo: Reforma Agency

FURNITURE WITH LONG OR HIGH LEGS. Avoid furniture that sits very close to the floor because it will make the space look heavy and will draw attention to the floor. Instead, choose furniture with high, visible legs, to give the feeling that there is more space.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MULTIFUNCTIONAL FURNITURE. Today there are numerous multifunctional items. Thus, for example, you can find sofa-beds, desks that fold down from bookcases, children’s chairs that are also storage and the list goes on.

About multifunctional furniture

Photo: Shutterstock

Multifunctional furniture is ideal for places with little space and for those rooms that will have a dual purpose in your home, such as game rooms that are also offices, or offices that are also guest rooms.

In general, we remind you to take advantage of natural light, or at least have a very good interior lighting to make your space look organized. Use mirrors and be resourceful when buying furniture. Light colors are also recommended in small rooms. This does not mean that you cannot add a pop of color, but white walls will always open up the space even more. 6 tricks to make your house look bigger and bigger.

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