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Renting a house: 15 tips to find the perfect home

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Renting your dream house is possible, but first you have to follow some essential steps. After all, it is an important investment that should make you feel safe and comfortable. Here are 15 simple tips for renting a house that will ensure that your search is successful, and that the money you spend each month brings you everything you dream of in your new home. Get to know them!

Inspect the property

Before signing a lease or even making any verbal commitment to a real estate agent or landlord, you should enlist the help of an expert to inspect every corner of your new residence. Inspections average about $350. However, this could save you many future mishaps like water leaks or construction damage.

Read the rental agreement carefully

small house with keys

If you have already decided to rent a house and it has gone through a successful inspection process, it’s time to sign a lease. Make sure you read it very carefully. Confirm with a lawyer that all the information necessary to make your stay a safe experience is established in the contract, and that everything that the real estate agent or landlord has offered you is properly stipulated.

Meet the neighbors

Do you want to know if you should move to a place? Meet the neighbors! The quality of life you will have in your new home will also have to do with the people you will live near every day. Hearing their opinions could give you valuable information. Knowing the neighbors will give you extra confidence that you are moving into a safe community.

Photograph the property

keychain with house

Sometimes, the photographs of a house do not correspond to its description, so you will surely want to have a visual confirmation of every nook and cranny to make your decision. By photographing the property, you will not only have a reference for the repairs that need to done, but you will also have proof of the state in which the house has been delivered to you, so that the landlord can’t ask you to pay for repairs you aren’t responsible for.

Do an online search

There are numerous apps for finding a house that fits your budget, tastes and lifestyle. Do not hesitate to compare the different options that you find on the web and carefully filter the results. When searching online, you will find hundreds of options, but not all of them will come close to what you want. Also remember that there is information on social media for those who are in the process of renting a house.

Visit the property

different types of house

An exhaustive search on the internet will yield enough results for you to choose at least five properties that interest you and that fit the budget you have allocated for renting a house. Immediately contact the rental agent and schedule a time to visit all of the different houses that interest you. Then you will be able to make an informed decision and verify that the property is in a habitable state.

Wait for the right moment to rent

There is a time for everything. In the case of home rentals, the ideal season to move or find better deals is in the winter, since it is during these months that prices are usually lower. This is due to many reasons, but mainly because in the winter, with holidays and the school year, fewer people want to move.

Compare rental prices


Don’t be afraid to comparison shop. Comparing prices will help you figure out what is reasonable for your budget and what might be a dealbreaker for you. For example, compare the price between two properties with similar characteristics and amenities, taking into account the location and the age of the house, this will make your selection process easier!

Get good references

The internet is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, not only to find the best options, but also to identify warning signs in situations that may represent a risk to your physical and financial security. Try to find as much information about your potential landlord and how previous tenants describe their experiences renting from them.

Look for special rental offers


Just as there are special offers on vacation rentals, there are also special offers when it comes to renting a new house, since the purpose is for the owners to attract potential clients to finalize the transaction. These benefits may include the elimination of application fees, a reduction in security deposits, utilities or even a month or two of free rent.

Look for houses outside the city

Do you want to pay less for a house that offers you more amenities? Search the outskirts of the city! Although this may potentially increase your travel times it might be a good trade-off for a better quality of life. The suburbs tend to offer more space, less noise and bigger yards, to name just a few.

Eliminate the amenities you don’t need


Before signing a rental contract, do not forget to negotiate and familiarize yourself with the amenities and services included in your new home because you may want to reconsider and choose a new option. When choosing a property, remember to set a realistic budget including utilities and commuting costs. A home in a community that offers a pool, playground, or clubhouse may not be entirely in your financial best interests.

Don’t rush into making a rental decision

Take all the time you need to make a decision when choosing a house, because if you rush you could end up paying much more than you had initially planned. Compare prices, carry out the necessary inspections, check the reviews that you can find on the internet and do a thorough inspection of your new home to rule out situations that are inconvenient for you.

Make a checklist


Before starting the formal search for a house to rent, prepare a checklist of all the amenities you need and also things you’d like but can live without. This will guide each part of your process and allow you to filter the information to get the most optimal search results. Thus, you will not waste your valuable time or your investment on options that are not suitable for your needs.

Provide good references

The real estate market is extremely competitive, and that is why landlords will want to choose the candidates with the best references, as this can ensure a much healthier landlord-tenant relationship. A good rental history, cleanliness, order and proper behavior will be key so that you can find the property of your dreams without going running into any problems.

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