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How to Create an Investment Portfolio Like a Total Boss

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Apparently putting all your eggs in one basket is not what investors with experience do when creating an investment portfolio. Experts agree that these portfolios, or collections of assets, can be less of a risk in in the ever unpredictable stock market by aiming for diversification (or not putting all your money-eggs in just one investment- basket).

Forbes Mitch Tuchman advises stock market beginners understand these simple ideas: “1. Index funds and ETFs represent your best opportunity to diversify and cut risk while staying investing in markets high or low. 2. A well-designed investment portfolio will neither zoom higher with equities nor crash to earth with corrections. Rather, you will sell off as stocks rise and reinvest in them when prices fall, using new cash, dividends and interest inflows.”

Do not change your investment

investment charts

In addition, the editors at Market Watch recommend sticking to a plan and avoiding trends when creating investment portfolios. In their opinion, you are far better off with a solid and repeatable investment plan that you stay with regardless of what might seem in fashion. Aim for   wisely ignoring trends and avoiding risky bets when you can build your wealth using the single greatest force in investing: compounding.

What is compounding you ask? Compound interest is interest added to the principal of a deposit or loan, where the added interest also earns interest from then on Market Riders Sarah Brandon explains compounding in a simple way. If you save a dollar and invest it, it grows, right? Say you get a 7% return. After a year you have $1.07. No big deal, but here’s the nifty part. Now, instead of working for money, money begins to work for you.7.

The long term plan


That extra 7 cents is growing as well. Let it go 30 years (that is, not saving another dime) while compounding quarterly and you end up with $8.02. Eight bucks. “So what?” you might say. Well, imagine instead you set aside $20,000 at age 35 and added nothing to it. Over 30 years at 7% your money grows. Slowly at first. At Year 10 the number is a bit over $40,000. […] And so on.

The bottom line for creating a portfolio like a big boss is protecting your investment by using carefully designed portfolios; this way your money grows and grows, absorbing temporary declines in one asset or another and then snapping back to solid, reliable growth. Financial adviser Brian Dennehy of Fund Expert told The Telegraph. “If you’re making money, stick with your winners, sell your losers.

Situation analysis


This can feel painful, but is vastly more profitable in the long run. Be skeptical when people say that past performance is not a guide to the future. This is nonsense. Past performance provides the most reliable information about how a fund is likely to perform in the future.” Who’s the boss of your wise investments? You are.

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