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Expert tips for raising a child when the future seems uncertain

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  • A parenting expert spoke to The Sun.
  • Things you have to take into account when raising a child.
  • Learn how to improve communication with your children.

Parenting tips for uncertain times. Many times parents have ideas about how they want to raise their children but, the truth is, that some are having trouble finding ways to make the future look a little less scary. The world is evolving in new and uncertain ways including: war, social and economic problems….

It is completely normal for parents to be apprehensive about what kind of world their children will grow up in. But stay calm! A parenting expert offered some advice to The Sun to make the future look less complicated and help parents learn to communicate more effectively with their children.

We live in an imperfect world so we need be clear with our children

Tips for raising your children
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The Sun spoke to psychotherapist, author and mother of three, Anna Mathur, who also wrote The Little Book Of Calm For New Mums. She has advice to help tackle the dizzying ups and downs of parenting. Here are some of her tips.

It is important to know that what is happening in our world today can be quite raw. “Our children have been born into an imperfect world where bad and sad things happen all the time. We cannot protect them from this, as much as we might love to, but we can help them feel safe and understood,” Anna told The Sun. She advises parents to keep their kids’ age in mind, “Giving them top-line information about current news stories that may impact them or come up in conversation can be really helpful. Invite them to ask questions or share their thoughts with you.” Filed Under: Tips for Raising Your Kids Filed Under: Tips for Raising Your Kids

Communication is key

Tips for raising your children
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Mathur pointed out that everything is a matter of having good communication because it is not only their concerns that matter and need to be heard, but also yours. “Often, the fear is that children will sense your own anxiety. It is good for them to know you’re human, and it’s natural to have an emotional response to what is going on around you,” says Anna.

It’s better that children see their parents being calm in difficult circumstances, so it is a good idea to talk things through with someone your own age first. “This can be so helpful to allow us to be the reassuring presence our children need, while also giving us valuable and important space to feel heard,” she said.

Worry is not all bad

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Anna has a nice phrase that she used during the pandemic to help minimize panicky thoughts: “I’ll cross that bridge if I get to it.” She says, “It’s a reminder that we are often able to address things as they arise, but expending headspace and energy ruminating over scenarios when they are not happening leads to feelings of hopelessness, fear and anxiety.”

Mathur said that worry is not all bad, as it can activate an alarm that helps parents focus and prepare for difficulties. Anna told The Sun. “We might petition for local or government change, engage in a community action group, step up our household recycling or assess energy usage.” Filed Under: Tips for raising your children

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