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Estafadores seriales: The Tinder Scammer

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  • Estafadores seriales shares a summary of the episode about the Tinder swindler.
  • Simon Levy made a habit of dating women and then robbing them.
  • His worldly persona tactic made his victims give him whatever he asked for.

The experience of meeting another human being has undergone a digital shift in recent years in this modern era.

People turn to one or more apps to date and potentially find another human being with whom they can establish a healthy relationship.

However, there are many experiences in this world of apps that are not always entirely good, and sometimes danger may lurk nearby.

In today’s episode summary, we tell you about the Tinder swindler and his story to encourage you to learn all the details.


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The Tinder Swindler is a story that has shocked the world.

Simon Levy, a young man of Israeli origin, became the protagonist of an international deception scheme that left several women heartbroken and their bank accounts empty.

From Tel Aviv to the world’s major capitals, Levy used his charm and cunning to seduce his victims through the popular dating app, Tinder.

Presenting himself as a successful businessman heir to a millionaire empire, he gained the trust of women eager to find love and shared with them a life of luxury and travel.


Woman, Tinder scammer, Depression, MundoNow, Simon Levy

However, after each romantic encounter, Levy’s victims faced a bitter reality: they had been scammed.

With lies and manipulation, he convinced them to hand over large sums of money, leaving them in debt and with broken hearts.

One of his victims, Cecil Field, a young Norwegian in love, found herself trapped in a web of lies and deception that led her to lose everything and fall into deep depression.

But Cecil was not the only one. As Levy’s true identity was uncovered, more women joined the ranks of those affected, sharing their stories of pain and betrayal.


Prison, Scams, Confinement, Simon Levy, Podcast

Finally, justice caught up with Simon Levy, who was arrested and faced charges of fraud in several countries. It is estimated that his scams exceeded $10 million, leaving behind a trail of destruction and pain.

The case of the Tinder Swindler is a reminder of the dangers that can lurk in the world of online dating, and a warning about the importance of being cautious and alert to fraud.

The search for love can lead us down dark paths, but staying alert can save us from falling into the hands of unscrupulous scammers.

Estafadores seriales bids farewell for now and hopes you join us in this episode about the Tinder swindler to learn all the details of this case.

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