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Tiktokers ‘Los Petazetaz’ arrested for sexually abusing minors

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Los Petazetaz, arrested, sexual abuse, TikTokers
Los Petazetaz arrested for sexual abuse (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Tiktokers ‘Los Petazetaz’ arrested.
  • They allegedly drugged and raped young girls.
  • The investigation is ongoing.

TikTok stars Los Petazetaz were arrested in Spain for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting underage girls.

Police say they also filmed the abuse.

José Hernán Almena, also known as HernyCool and another man known as Ivancete are under investigation.

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Police began the investigation after receiving information about the pair, who allegedly used drugs, including GHB, to incapacitate their victims.

The complainants describe the defendants, who have thousands of followers on social media such as TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, as well-known influencers.

So far there are five alleged sexual assault victims but authorities believe the number could increase as the investigation progresses.

One of the suspects was identified as José Hernán Almena, also known as HernyCool, a resident of Madrid and part of the duo Los Petazeta.

Los Petazetaz had thousands of followers

drugs, aggression, sexual, influencers, investigation, tiktokers, victims
PHOTO: Shutterstock

HenryCool has a considerable Instagram following, according to The Sun.

Close sources indicate that the alleged sexual assaults that were filmed by the men have not been posted online.

Hernán Almena was placed in preventive detention while the criminal investigation is carried out.

The second suspect, known as Ivancete, was granted bail according to local reports.

How the crimes were committed

Spain, HernyCool, Ivancete, social networks
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The National Police of Spain declared that the suspects have thousands of followers on social media, which allowed them to connect with minors who were attracted by their popularity.

The victims were allegedly taken to one of the suspect’s homes where they were given drugs, according to AS.

Then, Los Petazetaz allegedly sexually assaulted them using their mobile phones and security cameras to record the abuse.

Authorities do not believe the footage was shared online, and the investigation is being carried out by a unit specializing in family and women’s assistance.

The victims were drugged

fame, police, recording, crimes, rape, tiktokers
PHOTO: X/ El Mundo

The authorities issued a statement about the incidents.

“When the minors were under the effects of the drugs, the suspects allegedly took advantage of the state they were in to sexually assault them and film what they were doing,» police said.

They added that the victims were not aware of what was happening, according to The Sun.

The alleged victims were lured to the suspect’s home by their social media fame.

Young girls were lured by the popular influencers

young people, prison, preventive, bail, video, authorities, tiktokers
TPHOTO: Shutterstock

The police reported that the victims were allegedly taken to one of the TikTokers residences where they were assaulted.

The girls, some as young as 14 and 15 years old, had trouble remembering what happened due to the effect of the drugs.

The man known as HernyCool, who is currently in prison, is accused of sexual assault and several crimes related to drug use.

Los Petazetas have 80,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram and make humorous videos. To see a video of Los Petazetas click HERE.

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