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TikToker finds evidence Juan Osorio really is Niurka’s son Emilio’s father

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  • TikToker finds evidence Juan Osorio is Emilio’s father.
  • They found old videos of Juan Osorio.
  • Emilio and Juan have insisted Bobby Larios is not his father.

Evidence that Juan Osorio is Emilio’s father. Rumors that Emilio Osorio is not really the Televisa producer’s son began to emerge a few years ago. They resurfaced after José Manuel Figueroa stated that Bobby Larios is the young man’s father, which caused a major scandal.

Although the resemblance between Bobby Larios and Emilio is undeniable, Niurka has always said that her romance with Larios started long after Emilio was born, affirming that his real father is Juan Osorio.

Who is Emilio Osorio’s real father?

Juan Osorio father of Emilio
Photo: Mezcalent

Now the controversial situation is making headlines again and both Juan Osorio and Bobby Larios have expressed their opinions on the matter.

It is not a secret that there is a great resemblance between Emilio Osorio and Bobby Larios, but he has always said he’s not the father of Niurka’s son. Now a TikToker has found evidence that Juan Osorio really is the La Casa de los Famosos México contestant’s father.

Evidence that could prove that Juan Osorio is Emilio’s father

Juan Osorio father of Emilio
Photo: Mezcalent

Many people have been comparing Bobby and Emilio on social media and, although the rumors are still around, both Niurka and Larios have made it clear that they didn’t start dating until Emilio was two years old.

Juan Osorio has shown his full support for Emilio while he is inside the house and recently stated that the young man is definitely his son, «I know perfectly well that my son is my son, I have the dates very clear,»  Juan Osorio told Ventaneando.

Controversy surrounds Emilio Osorio

The controversy addresses the son of Niurka Marcos
Photo: Mezcalent

Now, a video has emerged on TikTok showing photographs of Juan Osorio when he was young and comparing them to Emilio now, demonstrating that they look very much alike and he is the soap opera producer’s son.

The video shows a photograph of Juan Osorio as a young man and then one of Emilio where you can see the great resemblance between the two, clear proof that they are telling the truth. Some commented: «Good combination Niurka and Juan brought a beautiful child.» «The shape of the nose and face is identical to Juan’s.» «The one who did clone him is Bobby Larios.»  «The reality is he does looks like Juan.»

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