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Popular TikToker arrested for kidnapping and sexual assault

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Tiktoker arrestado
Popular TikToker arrested (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Tiktoker Abdiel Legra is arrested.
  • He is accused of kidnapping and sexual assault.
  • Legra is being held without bail.

Behind the polished façade of his captivating smile, sculpted physique and camera-friendly charisma, Cuban TikToker Abdiel Legra concealed a darker side.

Accused by the police of kidnapping a woman, Legra’s situation is grave. The timeline of the investigation into this Hispanic influencer remains unclear.

However, his arrest and these accusations could be the end of his artistic career.

At the age of 31, Legra, known by the username @legra_miamifl on TikTok, boasts over 500,000 followers.

Unmasking Abdiel Legra: Beyond his charisma

Abdiel, Legra, influencer, Abdiel Legra, delinquent, USA
PHOTO: Miami-Dade County Police Department

Legra’s TikTok videos have amassed over 43,000 likes.

Initially summoned to the Opa-locka police headquarters for an interview, this TikToker’s visit took a troubling turn.

During questioning, something in his responses raised red flags, leading officers to detain him.

He was formally arrested by law enforcement on Friday, August 18.

The dark side of Abdiel Legra: Accusations of kidnapping

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PHOTO; Shutterstock

Legra’s involvement in a disturbing incident was later disclosed by the press office.

The complaint against Legra was lodged by an unidentified woman, and their connection remains undisclosed.

According to authorities, the victim says he attempted to sexually assault her.

On social media, the Hispanic influencer often portrays himself as a Latin lover, capitalizing on his looks.

He’s arrested for kidnapping and sexual assault

rape, violence, Miami Dade, Florida, police
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Based on arrest records, the victim accuses Legra of abducting her on Wednesday, August 16, in Opa-Locka.

She claims that he forced her to his residence near Southwest 96 Avenue and 12 Street and sexually assaulted her.

Within approximately 48 hours, investigators arrested Legra. He remains in police custody, facing charges of sexual assault and kidnapping.

He is currently being held without bail at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Facility.

Police are investigating

suspect, criminal, social networks, Tiktok, MundoNow
PHOTO Shutterstock

If proven guilty, Legra could potentially face a life sentence. The investigation is ongoing.

It’s essential for the public to come forward with any evidence or information that corroborates either the victim’s or the suspect’s version of events.

Anyone who comes forward can remain anonymous.

The Miami-Dade Police urge citizens to come forward if they have any information.

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