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TikTok time traveler says when World War III will break out between Russia and the US

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  • Alleged time traveler says that the worst is yet to come to the US.
  • He reveals the start of World War III.
  • It will start between the US and Russia.

There are various versions of predictions about what will happen in the future. There are even those who claim that they have are time travelers and know what will happen in the future. There is a TikTok user who claims to come from the future and announces important upcoming events.

The self-proclaimed time traveler from 2906, whose TikTok handle is @timevoyaging, has claimed that he knows the exact month that World War III between the United States and Russia will break out. He has posted several videos where he gives important dates that would supposedly affect humanity.

Time traveler announces when World War III will begin

Time traveler gives date of World War III

The so-called TikTok time traveler claims that he is «here to save humanity» by warning the world of major events. In his posts he mentions some events that are supposed to happen in the future.

On TikTok he has now stated that he has inside knowledge of when an armed conflict will engulf the world … and it is not far off. He even revealed the exact date when World War III is apparently going to start and the United States will be involved.

A warning for the US?

Time traveler World War III: Alert for the US?

The supposed man from the future said in his last video that the war will start in March of next year when the United States and Russia face off. He referred to the recent incident in Poland when a rocket crossed the Ukrainian border, killing two people, prompting NATO crisis meetings.

The self-proclaimed time traveler warned viewers to «stay safe» before the supposed Armageddon strikes four months from now. The TikToker said: «I’m a true time traveler, as I said before, World War III will soon begin.» Filed Under: TikTok Time Traveler World War III

NATO response

NATO response

He even said some missiles that Russia launched at Poland were fired in order to damage the well-known capital of the affected country. He then said that NATO would react to this situation in the same way that Russia did and everything would start from there.

“Russia has sent missiles to Poland aiming to hit the capital Warsaw, but (they) malfunctioned and hit a small village. This was another attempt at gaining more land back, but will lead to World War III. NATO will retaliate by sending missiles to Moscow in  four months, when World War III starts.» Filed Under: Time Traveler World WarIII

«A conspiracy»

"a conspiracy"

Immediately, people began commenting: “Do you ever answer any questions? You want us to believe you, but you don’t have answers to important questions!» said a netizen in the video posted on TikTok.

“My man just watched the news and made a conspiracy theory.” “No event announced by a time traveler ever happens … so the evidence suggests time travel is fake!” “A conspiracy that I hope never happens. I’m scared.” “Brothers who act like this are not extremely obvious,» the messages continued. With information from The Sun and Canada News. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE Filed Under: TikTok time traveller World War III

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