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TikTok star Waffler69 dies of possible heart attack

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  • A popular TikTok star has passed away.
  • The influencer known as Waffler69 died at the age of 33.
  • He was known for eating tons of fast food.

TikToker Waffler69 dies.

Just a few days after the start of 2023, the news of the death of a social media star who has gained popularity for his entertaining videos where he devours massive amounts of food.

Sadly, Waffler69 has passed away at just 33 years of age, according to his family. The TikToker, whose real name was Taylor Brice LeJeune, died of a suspected heart attack on January 11.

Popular TikToker Waffler69 dies

The famous tiktoker Waffler69 dies

Taylor’s brother Clayton announced his death on social media. In the post he states that Waffler had health complications days before his death and had been hospitalized, according to TMZ.

“He passed away at around 10 pm on January 11, 2023, of a suspected heart attack. They rushed him to the hospital, and I want to say that an hour, an hour and a half later, he passed away,” his heartbroken brother revealed on social media.

Tiktoker Waffler69 had health issues

Tiktoker Waffler69 dies: He had health complications

According to the TikTok star’s brother, his health worsened at the time he was taken to the hospital for treatment. Taylor Brice’s father and grandfather suffered from genetic heart problems, according to The Sun.

The deceased had around two million followers on the platform and was known for consuming a ton of crazy foods. Some of his most viewed videos saw him eating expired food, including cereal originally packaged in 1989 to promote Tim Burton’s Batman movie, or canned food from decades ago. Filed Under: Tiktoker Waffler69 dies

«This hurts, my friend!»

"This hurts my friend!"

His last video garnered nearly 800,000 views. It showed him dipping a Big Fruit Loop in milk. The video came after fans asked him about once eating the oversized cereal without milk.

Immediately upon learning of his death, his followers commented on his last video: “This hurts, my friend! Today is a little darker than normal. I appreciate the smiles you gave to so many of us. I will miss you my friend,” said one user. Filed Under: Tiktoker Waffler69 dies

A last goodbye to Waffler69

they say the last goodbye

The goodbye messages continued: “I am so sad to cry at work. RIP @wafffler69 your spirit and energy were unmatched and you will be sorely missed.” “Wow this is unreal. Rest easy. I always loved seeing you. You spread so much happiness and lots of laughter to everyone. Rest easy.”

His brother started  GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs of the funeral, which he says is to support his mother: “This Gofundme is mainly to help compensate my mother who had to pay for my brother’s cremation as well as medical expenses.” Filed Under: Tiktoker Waffler69 dies

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