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TikTok star Sierra Diller has her foot amputated and shares a heartbreaking message

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TikTok star amputation (Photos: Shutterstock)
  • TikTok star Sierra Diller has her foot amputated.
  • She shares a heartbreaking message.
  • What happened?

In a brave display of strength and determination, renowned TikTok star Sierra Diller faced perhaps one of the most difficult decisions for anyone.

Sierra shared a heartbreaking message on social media after having her right foot amputated.

She broke the sad news herself a few days ago to her thousands of followers on TikTok.

For the past 15 years, Diller has dealt with intense pain caused by a hemangioma tumor in her foot, The Sun reported.

Sierra Diller makes a difficult decision

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

She talked about the battle that finally led her to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to a part of her body. She even shared photographs and videos from the hospital.

Before the surgery that would change her life, Diller took to TikTok to document her final moments with her foot.

In a touching video, she showed the messages written on her skin, including things like «Thanks for the memories,» and a direct «Bye, bitch.»

According to The Sun, the non-cancerous, but painful tumor, was diagnosed when Diller was in primary school, and since then she has suffered serious problems.

TikTok star has her foot amputated

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

After years of suffering, doctors made the decision to amputate TikToker Sierra Diller’s foot.

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Diller said: «It was very therapeutic for me to be able to be like, ‘This is it.'»

She highlighted the importance of expressing her emotions and symbolically saying goodbye to her leg, which is why she also documented it on social media.

It was an impressive episode that was moving not only for her, but also for those who followed her story on social social media.

Her last video before the surgery

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Just moments before entering the operating room, Sierra, feeling relieved, shared a humorous message about her decision.

«It was just that last one, ‘Thank you for spoiling my life, but goodbye,’” she said with a smile, highlighting the immense relief she feels at making this decision.

Diller revealed that walking had become a constant battle due to the limited mobility of the bones in her foot around the tumor, according to People.

The Sun reported that Sierra has undergone multiple procedures since 2008 but was still in pain.

The heartbreaking details

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Sierra explained how she felt on TikTok: «My bones in my foot shifted around the tumor so I was able to walk.»

«But the tumor itself (which is made of tons of extra blood vessels) would fill with blood the second it wasn’t being compressed. It was very uncomfortable,» Diller said of the constant struggle she faced over the years.

«They’re all extremely supportive and proud of me for having gone through all this with the strength, courage, and tenacity that I’ve shown so far,» she added.

Her farewell message to her foot and her positive attitude in the face of adversity are inspirational.

Sierra Diller is an inspiration

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

TikTok star Sierra Diller’s brave story about struggle with chronic pain and the difficult decision to amputate her leg isn’t jut an inspiration.

It reveals social media’s capacity to inspire and create empathy.

Her emotional message and resilience in the face of adversity serve as a reminder of the strength that can be found in vulnerability.

We see how sharing personal experiences can inspire others to face their own battles with courage. To see Sierra Diller’s TikTok video click HERE.

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