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Hispanic influencer explains how she bought a new MacBook laptop for only $7

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  • Hispanic influencer gets the best surprise on Black Friday.
  • The TikToker bought a laptop for only $7.
  • She also got incredible deals on a coffee maker, a beach chair and a laptop.

Lately good news has surprised many Hispanics in the United States. Recently the story of a woman began to circulate on social media where she revealed that, after saving thousands of dollars, she also managed to get a laptop for only $7.

We know well that the social networks are galaxy of information, since many people use these platforms to share what happens in their daily lives. TikTok is one of the most popular platforms where many people have gone viral.

Hispanic woman’s video goes viral on TikTok

Hispanic buys expensive laptop
Photo: Tik Tok

A Hispanic woman decided to share the most surprising and unexpected moment of her life. Now, the young woman’s video, where she revealed what happened to her after saving up for a computer, is going viral.

The video so far has hundreds of views, more than 200,000 reactions, and more than 2,000 comments. In it, she shares how she acquired a laptop at an unbelievable price. Filed Under: Hispanic buys expensive laptop

Influencer took advantage of the great deals at Black Friday

Hispanic buys expensive laptop
Photo: Tik Tok

The video is on the Nati Show account on TikTok. She explains she managed to purchase a laptop for only $7. It should be noted that she says that at the Black Friday store in the United States and she went to various places to see what was available.

It is not the first time that the TikToker has shared a video of this type. «We continue in the Black Friday store here in the United States where on Fridays everything is $7… In the first place I had no luck, I got a beach chair valued at $40 and I’m going to pay only $7, she says in the video. Filed Under: Hispanic buys expensive laptop

The TikToker never imagined what she could buy for a few dollars

Hispanic buys expensive laptop
Photo: Twitter

«I’m here already lined up to wait for the second place to see what I can get,» said TikToker Nati, later sharing how people were preparing to see what they could buy at Black Friday in the US.

«Something that I like a lot about here is that you can get brand-name clothing at an excellent price.» In the video you can see what’s in the store and how people are shopping. Filed Under: Hispanic buys expensive laptop

After saving thousands of dollars Hispanic woman buys an expensive laptop for only $7

Influencer draws attention for what he bought
Photo: Twitter

The TikToker found a coffee maker and a shaver, but the best luck was yet to come. “I’m shaking, I’m shaking, I can’t believe it. It’s a MacBook computer. I have always said, the one who is trying will make it. I have my computer, I still do not believe it,” she said happily.

Her followers immediately commented on Nati’s great find: «They are returns from Amazon.» «I’m going to save my money and when I get it together I’m going to United States.” “How lucky you are.” “It cannot be possible!!!” “How envious.” “Many congratulations.” “That is incredible.”TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE. Filed Under: Hispanic buys expensive laptop

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