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Three men are in prison thanks to Florida’s harsh new anti-immigrant law

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Florida's anti-immigrant law arrests (Photo: Hernando County Detention Center/Sumter County Sheriff's Office)
  • 3 men are in prison due to Florida’s harsh new anti-immigrant law.
  • They were arrested in separate incidents.
  • Two of the men are Mexican.

Fear grows as the number of immigrant arrests increases in Florida.

Three immigrants were driving home from work and are now in prison thanks to the harsh new laws that went into effect over the summer.

Two of them are in the Hernando County jail and the other was taken to a Sumter County correctional facility.

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Photo: MundoNOW

Two of the men are Mexicans, which is why Juan Sabines, Mexican Consul in Orlando, has joined the fight against “an anti-immigrant law that has no precedent in the United States,” as he confirmed to MundoNow.

David Cumplido Jiménez, 23, was arrested on August 7 after being intercepted by state police during a routine traffic stop.

There were two people without documentation traveling with him, according to official information reviewed by MundoNow.

The young man was charged with having that were too dark, driving without a valid license and human smuggling.

Three Hispanic immigrants are in jail

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PHOTO: Hernando County Detention Center / Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

The men were stopped when they were going to Atlanta after repairing some roofs in Florida.

A construction worker, who asked to remain anonymous, spoke to our cameras in Orlando.

“Immigrants do this most (construction work), and I respect them, because there are not many people, especially Americans, who do this,” he said.

David’s companions were handed over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE), while he remains in Sumter County prison, according to the Mexican Consul.

Florida’s anti-immigrant law: The 3 men were charged with crimes

security, jail, prison, Hispanics, Latinos
PHOTO: Hernando County Detention Center / Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

About 36 miles away, in a Hernando County jail, another Mexican is being detained. Raquel López Aguilar was the first arrest that was made public when this law was implemented.

Lopez was also returning from working construction when the Florida Highway Patrol stopped him.

He was charged with the same crimes as his compatriot: human smuggling, driving without a valid license and driving with darker windows than permitted.

According to Juan Sabines: “Everyone is affected, not just Mexicans, and many people have left out of fear of what is happening.”

Another arrest under Florida’s anti-immigrant law

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PHOTO: Hernando County Detention Center / Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

In the same detention center where Raquel is located, Honduran Eldin Ariel Trejo, 37, is also being held.

He was arrested after crossing state lines from Georgia to Florida.

According to authorities, it was determined that the six occupants, including the driver, had entered the United States illegally.

“The police are doing their job. I like immigrants because for me they are good workers,” says one builder, who chose to remain anonymous.

What happens next?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

The arrest documents indicate that Trejo has already been deported twice.

He now faces three charges: human trafficking, unlawful use of a two-way communication device and driving with a suspended license.

Their families hope they will be released from prison, as they consider them to be innocent.

Although many are against these harsh new laws, there are also those who believe that the country needs to be stricter when it comes to immigration.

What do people think of the law?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

“When there are arrests it is because the law is being violated,” says Jenny, an immigrant who works in the construction industry.

«Unfortunately there are many people who come to work honestly, but there are other people who come to commit crimes, to do a lot of harm,» she added.

Based on her experience, Jenny believes that right now “there is a lot of distrust among people. The law is trying to protect citizens, good people.”

Activists express fear that this type of law will be replicated in other states of the country and will be used to criminalize immigrants and sow fear in communities.

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