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Three Hispanics arrested for the murder of a 19-year-old girl

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  • Three Hispanics, including an airman from Travis Air Force Base, California, have been arrested for the murder of a 19-year-old girl.
  • The crime occurred after the victim left a Halloween party over the weekend.
  • Authorities presume that the murder could have been a crime of passion.

Three Hispanics, including a serving member of the United States Air Force, were arrested for the murder of a 19-year-old woman who was last seen leaving a Halloween party over the weekend in Northern California, police said.

Carmel’s Leilani Beauchamp was seen leaving a party in Sacramento on Saturday with two airmen who are roommates in the city of Fairfield, Lt. Jausiah Jacobsen said in a statement, according to The Associated Press.

Hispanic airman involved in murder

Three Hispanics arrested for the murder of a 19-year-old girl
Photo: Twitter

Police arrested Jessica Quintanilla, 21, on murder charges, and her brother Marco Quintanilla and Juan Parra Peralta on charges of accessory to murder. Marco Quintanilla, 27, was also charged with violating his probation for an attempted murder conviction, Jacobsen said.

The lieutenant added that Parra Peralta was one of the men who Beauchamp left the party with. He also lived in the Fairfield house where authorities say she was murdered. The victim’s remains were found Sunday at around 5:30 p.m. on the 300 block of Corral de Tierra Road, Salinas, according to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office.

Who are the suspects?

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Investigators determined that Beauchamp was murdered at the Fairfield home and that her body was subsequently dumped in the city of Salinas, where it was found on Sunday after the three suspects were arrested.

Parra Peralta, 20, is a 1st Class Airman assigned to the 60th Air Port Squadron at Travis Air Force Base in California, a spokeswoman for the base confirmed on Tuesday. It is not currently known if any of the three has hired a lawyer who can speak on their behalf. Police did not release the circumstances of Beauchamp’s death or the motive for her murder.

New details emerge about the motive for the murder

Hispanics detained
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Authorities have not offered further details about the motive for the murder of the 19-year-old, who was killed after leaving a Halloween party in Sacramento. However, new details have emerged that suggest that the murder could allegedly have been a crime of passion.

Monica Beauchamp, the victim’s grandmother, stated that she still cannot believe her granddaughter is dead. “It is beyond what I expect of humanity. What Leilani deserves, she didn’t deserve for her life to end this way,” she said. Likewise, Monica stated that the victim was passionate about life and that she had two younger siblings who she protected.

A love triangle?

Hispanics accused
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According to CBS 13, Jessica Quintanilla, of Pittsburg, faced a judge for the first time on Tuesday and was charged with fatally shooting Beauchamp inside the Fairfield home of 20-year-old Travis AFB Airman Juan Parra-Peralta.

The district attorney told the outlet that he thought Parra-Peralta and Quintanilla were in a romantic relationship at the time of the murder and that for this reason the Air Force aviator could have been her accomplice. “This appears to be a love triangle situation,” the district attorney said.

The victim met the airman before the party

Hispanics detained
Photo: Twitter

The victim’s family claimed that Beauchamp met the airman before the Halloween party and that he had even been to her home in Fairfield. “She wasn’t going to a party with people she didn’t know,” said the victim’s grandmother.

According to officials from Travis Air Force Base, Parra-Peralta was released from the Solano County jail on Monday on a $25,000 bond and is on active duty at the military base.

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