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Child Tax Credit Update: $750 rebate available for thousands of families

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  • Thousands of Americans could be eligible for $750 tax rebate.
  • It’s part of the Child Tax Credit.
  • Those eligible for the credit will receive a maximum refund of $250 per child.

Thousands of families in the United States are in line to receive tax rebates for up to $750 as part of the Child Tax Credit, according to The Sun.

The new Child Tax Credit payments are part of the Connecticut budget bill, after it was recently promoted and signed into law by the state’s governor, Ned Lamont.

How much is can parents receive per child?

$750 check
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Those eligible for the Connecticut Child Tax Credit will receive a maximum refund of $250 for each child, with a family capped at three children for a total refund of $750.

To get the maximum amount for each child, single eligible beneficiaries must have income of $100,000 or less, while a head of household must earn $169,000 or less. Married couples filing jointly must earn $200,000 a year or less. Filed As: $750 check.

When you can apply for the payment

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Applications for the payment of up to $750 will open June 1. Once they open, eligible families can apply on the Department of Revenue Service portal by clicking on “2022 CT Child Tax Rebate”. You can also apply through this link.

Similarly, those who qualify should hurry to apply for the payment of up to $750 as applications must be submitted by July 31, 2022. On the other hand, thousands of Americans will be able to apply for another relief check for $150 worth of gas starting this week. The month of June is approaching and with it a new checks for many residents who are struggling with skyrocketing fuel prices, reported The Sun. Filed As: $750 check.

New gas cards

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The program called Chicago Moves, proposed by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, was approved by the Chicago City Council on Wednesday, April 27, and offers 50,000 prepaid gas cards worth $150. Additionally, 100,000 residents will be able to receive prepaid transit cards worth $50, according to The Sun.

These cards will be limited to stations within the City of Chicago and will be distributed every month from May through September. The city will hold a lottery to award $12.5 million in transit and gasoline cards. Gas card mailing dates are June 3, July 3, August 3, and September 3. Filed As: $750 check.

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