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9 things with big discounts in October

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Things with discounts in October, sale, 50%, Money, MundoNOW
Things with discounts in October / PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • October is a good month to buy
  • It’s the prelude to the holiday season
  • Here is a list of the cheapest products this month

If you’re a deal hunter, then you’ll appreciate that October offers a cornucopia of fall savings ready to be snapped up.

October’s position as a prelude to the holiday season makes it the ideal time to go shopping.

If you want to avoid potential shipping issues like we’ve seen in previous years, it’s always a good idea to buy early.

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This is a season where the early bird definitely wins the prize!

Before diving into another weekend of football, leaf-peeping and all things pumpkin and spice.

First check out our list of the best buys in October.

Here you have the best offers for October.


5G iPhones, iPhone, discounts, colored cell phones, Money
Things with discounts in October/PHOTO: The Associated Press

Now that Apple has released the iPhone 15, retailers are looking to clear out their inventory of older iPhones.

This means you’re likely to see discounts on 5G phones like the iPhone 14 in particular, not to mention older versions of Apple’s flagship phone.

eBay can be a good place to find a deal on an older phone, as long as the seller has high ratings and accepts returns.

Amazon can also be a good source. Meanwhile, HERE you have some deals on popular smartphones.

Camping equipment

camping, bicycle, US flag, camping, camping equipment
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The golden days of October are the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Be on the lookout for discounts of up to 50% on tents, sleeping gear, fire pits, outdoor chairs and other camping equipment.

REI is a wonderful place to find used gear in great condition at great prices.

This store offers everything from clothing to camping accessories, including brands like Arc’Teryx, Marmot, The North Face and Merrell.


tools, Home Depot, shelves, home maintenance products, MundoNOW, Chronicle: forgot to pay for products
Things with discounts in October/PHOTO: MundoNOW Archive

Tools are a perennial favorite category for saving. Woot is one of our favorite options for cheap tools.

That’s in the world of daily deals sites since it has a page dedicated to tools.

Plus daily deals at The Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement.

You can also try checking out discount tool retailers like Harbor Freight and Northern Tool for deep discounts.

The latest of the season

Labor Day discounts, Labor Day, woman looking for clothes, woman looking for offers, MundoNOW,Female Customer Shopping in Clothing Store
PHOTO: Shutterstock

With Labor Day now behind us, retailers are trying to clear out the last of the warm-weather merchandise.

Look for sales on charcoal and gas grills, as well as ceramic Kamado grills. Check out our most up-to-date list of the best grill deals here.

Outdoor furniture is another end-of-season category where deals are piling up.

Although you can still find deals online you can also look for discounts in stores.

Smoke detectors

smoke detector, smoke, fire prevention, Money, MundoNOW
Things with discounts in October/PHOTO: Shutterstock

October is Fire Safety Month, which means you should be on the lookout for great discounts.

This in safety-related items, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

We’ve seen deals on these items at Amazon and Costco in previous years.


Chipotle restaurant, offers at Chipotle, discounts at Chipotle, free food at Chipotle, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Thanks to some notable food holidays, October is a month when you can almost always get discounted or free food.

For example, last year, Chipotle gave out $6 entrée coupons to Chipotle Rewards members who showed up in costume on Halloween.

Additionally, select Chick-fil-A restaurants are known to offer a free children’s meal to children who show up in costume on October 31st.

Finally, you don’t want to forget to score deals on clearance Halloween candy as soon as November 1st rolls around.


travel deals, cheap trips, cheap flights, plane packages, MundoNOW, CDC Christmas New Year, COVID-19, United States, recommendations, travel
Things with discounts in October/PHOTO: The Associated Press

With an increase in airline industry capacity and a decrease in demand now that summer is over, October is the perfect time to score cheap airfares!

«I recently mentioned that I was able to buy tickets from Atlanta to Los Angeles for $95 one-way. I mean, that’s really cheap,” Clark says.

«And that is no exception, since the rates «are going down, down, down across the country because airlines have been adding planes, and passengers, instead of adding, are now starting to subtract.»

“And this is the cheap time of year for you to travel, wherever you want to go,” Clark concludes.

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