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Gossip site reveals whether Francisca Lachapel is having a girl or a boy (PHOTO)

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  • Reports Francisca’s baby is a boy!
  • The baby’s gender is revealed online.
  • Journalist Mandy Fridmann also said it would be a boy.

Is Francisca Lachapel’s baby going to be a boy?

Presenter Francisca Lachapel announced her pregnancy last December.

Now people on social media are saying she will have a boy.

The Dominican host shared a before and after image of her baby bump on Instagram. «How do we start and this is how we are doing 8 weeks vs 18 weeks, how are you?»

This was the description of the post where she is wearing red pajamas in the first image, and 10 weeks later she shows off her baby bump in black workout gear.

Francisca Lachapel shows off her growing baby bump!

Francisca Lachapel baby boy


Now Chamonic 3, may have ruined Francisca’s surprise, since they posted the same photo, but reported the gender of the baby.

Apparently Francisca’s baby will be a boy. ”According to what they tell me and confirm that @franciscalachapel will have a CHILD so let’s wait for her to confirm it, time to time!”

As you all know, some moms claim they can tell the gender, without the help of an ultrasound, just by the size and shape of the bump.

Is Francisca’s baby a boy?

Francisca Lachapel baby boy 2


Another Instagram account, Spicy Girl 2, reported that the journalist Mandy Fridmann also confirmed that Francisca’s baby will be a boy.

“It’s a boy! Yes, the great journalist #mandyfridmann confirms that the #franciscalachapel is expecting is a boy.»

After showing off her growing bump on Instagram, internet users began to send their good vibes to the Dominican host.

Television presenter Clarissa Molina wrote to her friend: “I see this photo and I remembered that I dreamed of you last night talking about how your belly was going.”

More reactions to Francisca’s baby news on social media

Francisca Lachapel baby boy 3


Also Charytin was amazed by the size of the bump and speculated there may be more than one bun in the oven: «Is it just one baby??? MMMMMM.»

«Ayyyyyy how cool! If you save many photos to grow up.» «As well as even the iPhone you changed hahaha.» «Beautiful tummy looks like a boy.»

«What a beautiful ball. The most beautiful in the world.» «Very beautiful that Mom, I tell you that belly is a Girl God bless you.»

«What a blessing God bless you and your family,» were some of the comments about Francisca’s baby.

She is glowing!


On January 25 Dominican host, Francisca Lachapel, announced to the whole world that she was pregnant.

This is something people had been speculating about for weeks.

She recently showed off her bump on Instagram, making it clear she’s been pregnant for several months.


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