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They do not lower her as ‘cuckold’! Vicente Fernández sends a message of love to his wife Cuquita but ‘they make fun’ (PHOTO)

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  • Singer Vicente Fernández sends a message to his wife Cuquita
  • This after the controversial images where he is touching the breasts of other women
  • Internet users attack Vicente accusing him of being unfaithful

After the controversial

images where Don Vicente Fernández is observed touching the chest of some young women who decided to take a photo with him, the singer He sends a message to his wife Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, better known as Cuquita.

It should be remembered that Doña Cuquita and Vicente have a marriage of many years (1963), in which you have excelled in different problems, and despite that they are still together, in addition to the fact that the singer Alejandro Fernández was born in this relationship.

Through your account Facebook the Charro de Huentitán, shared an image where he is seen hugging his wife very happy, and where he sends her a message, after being involved in the controversy.

Vicente Fernández message Cuquita wife



«Once again, thank you my Cuca, for being the love of my life,» wrote the Mexican singer on his social network, where he wears an elegant charro suit, while Cuquita wears a long blue dress, while the two look at each other fixedly.

Previous days the musical artist has been in the eye of the hurricane, after they spread videos and images that expose Don Chente to harass some young women who were posing for the camera.

There it is shown how Don Vicente is touching the breasts of the young women, at the time of taking the photograph, news that was disclosed in all social networks, and in his defense the singer argued that he was looking for the waist.

The publication of the couple has had a lot of reactions and comments from Internet users, who mostly criticized the charro and even accused him of being unfaithful, on previous occasions he has confirmed it.

«Yes, because you have not been faithful, I congratulate her for the endurance that is how her family formed blessings, my Cuquita,» said an Internet user.


So far, the image where Don Vicente Fernández and Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, better known as Cuquita, are observed, has more than 8 thousand comments from different users.

Vicente Fernández message Cuquita wife


There were those who congratulated them, since they are a beautiful relationship: «What a beautiful couple forever together and full of love and always very blessed hugs kisses.»

«Thank God for the affection, love, that there have been blessings for you forever,» was another of the positive comments.

«Well they say that a bad action kills everything good, and what a shame that they attack it and want to destroy it after so many years of good experience, we are nobody to judge and much less condemn, I am left with the image of the good singer who es and his beautiful songs !. I grew up listening to Don Chente’s songs every day! God bless him, ”said a netizen.

Filed as Vicente Fernández message wife.

One netizen commented that: “There are men who use wives as rags to clean themselves. Oh but what a nice photo. «,» The woman is well cuckolded, but she is more interested in the bills.

Vicente Fernández message wife


«How good that Cuca is the love of the life of this ruco bad tricks, he says it» lizard «I have always been but they never saw me and the love of my life I will need her when I am well ruco she has to me I pay him to take care of that. ”,“ Pay Cuquita some XXL implants so that she doesn’t fancy someone else’s ”.

“Such a lady, beautiful woman, let hers endure, a great respect for her for putting up with so much filthy that now calls her the love of my life. Cuca God bless her. «,» Too bad he never respected her as such! What is gained by telling her in this way if she has lived with you the opposite «,» The love of her life and wallowing with any woman «, were some of the comments.

Filed as Vicente Fernández message wife.

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