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They develop a collar to translate the barking of dogs

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Have you ever tried to translate your pet’s barking?

Although it sounds like a crazy plan, it is increasingly possible to get closer to the emotions of animals.

For some years now, an emerging company called Petpuls has resorted to the use of Artificial Intelligence to develop mechanisms capable of interpreting the emotions of animals such as cats and dogs.

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  • Meet Petpuls, a company that has designed an innovative collar programmed to translate your pet’s barking
  • Petpuls is an emerging company that has already made its way with a similar device called MeowTalk, capable of interpreting the meows of cats
  • Artificial Intelligence has been presented as the most useful tool for this type of project, since it has algorithms to identify emotions and translate them

If your pet could talk, what would it say to you?

Now, thanks to a revolutionary invention based on Artificial Intelligence, you will know!

This is thanks to the work of the emerging company Petpuls, which for several years has been studying and researching different tools to design devices capable of identifying the emotions of some animals.

Thus, in 2017 it introduced the MeowTalk collar, a device that can translate the meows of cats and give them an interpretation for the people who live with them.

More recently, they took on the task of designing a new necklace; this time, to enter a new market: that of dogs.

With the new Petpuls collar, dog owners will be able to translate some emotions of their pets and track their physical activity.

Until now, it is known that the collar is designed to detect up to 5 of the most recurring emotions in these animals.

The necklace was developed by a team of scientists from South Korea, and the official presentation was made at the CES 2021 fair, which this year was held virtually.

But how does this new device work?

Well, it has been thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence that scientists have been able to develop the bases that support the technology of this necklace, designed to translate emotions from animals.

The project began to take shape in 2017, when Petpuls Lab began with the collection of information to develop a database.

This was made up of approximately 10,000 types of barking from 50 different dog breeds.

After analyzing these barks, the scientists developed a specific algorithm to analyze the emotions coming from them.

Photo: Shutterstock

When the dog has the collar on, its main task is to analyze all the sounds coming from the animal and notify the owner of all the important data related to the mood of your pet.

Among the emotions that the necklace is able to identify are sadness, annoyance, nervousness, relaxation and happiness.

According to Andrew Gil, director of marketing for the company, «This device gives the dog a voice that humans are able to understand.»

Regarding the effectiveness of the collar designed by the laboratory, it is estimated that it is capable of identifying the dog’s emotions with an efficiency of 90%.

The necklaces are made with silicone, are ecological and are for sale in colors such as orange, blue, pink and turquoise, at an estimated price of $ 99.

Finally, Gil added that «Petpuls could play an important role during the pandemic, as they help owners understand how dogs feel, and thus be able to increase the bond between the two.»

Translate, a human task that has been imitated by Artificial Intelligence

Throughout their history, human beings have been concerned with translating languages ​​and languages ​​other than their own.

Currently, more and more applications are dedicated to translating other languages, being the translator of Google one of the most used in the world.

In this way, Google has dedicated itself to innovating in this market, for which it has created the Google Assistant-Interpreter mode app, which can now be downloaded from the Play Store.

This application includes a series of functions that aim to contribute to effective communication between people who speak different languages ​​and interpret what each one says in real time.

Among its functions is that of pronouncing several phrases in the target language chosen by the user and, although at the moment an initial version has been worked on, users can use the interpreter mode in 44 different languages.

According to the data that have been obtained so far, the application is programmed to interpret and translate conversations or texts in real time.

One of the advantages of using Interpreter Mode is that it takes up relatively little space, weighs less than one megabyte and can be placed on the home screen.

Once the user opens the application, the Google Assistant-Interpreter mode is automatically set to the factory language of the mobile device, while allowing the selection of three different modes of use:

  • Automatic: In this, the assistant will automatically translate both sides of the conversation
  • Manual: With manual mode, you can select a microphone through which Google will access the conversation that will be interpreted or translated
  • Written: Here, the user will write in any language and the wizard will help him to translate that text for the purposes he wants

Although it is a promising feature, it is not available worldwide at this time.

Photo: Shutterstock

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