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Chiquis Rivera is criticized for being baptized and saying that she is a Christian (PHOTOS AND VIDEO)

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FOTO: Mezcalent
  • New controversy for Chiquis Rivera
  • Users criticize the singer for being baptized and saying that she is a Christian
  • «How strange that she can be baptized if she is not Catholic,» read the comments

Users criticize the singer Chiquis Rivera

for being baptized and saying that she is a Christian.

Through the Instagram stories of Jenni Rivera’s daughter, and the account of Spicy girl, you can witness how Chiquis Rivera, who has declared herself a Christian, confesses that she is the godmother of a little boy.

They criticize Chiquis Rivera for baptizing and tell her that she is a Christian

PHOTO Instagram Chiquis Rivera

In the first part of this publication, the singer, who looks gorgeous in a formal outfit, says the following:

«Well I tell you that today I became ‘nina’ (godmother) again, something for me that it is a great honor that the parents of these children see me as a woman responsible, a woman worthy of being a ‘girl’, so super happy ”.

Chiquis Rivera promises his followers that he will share some photos of this celebration organized for the son of a friend with whom he has 14 years of friendship, so it is very special for her.

To end with her video, the singer shows her outfit to the approval of her fans.

But it didn’t take long for users to go with everything to Chiquis Rivera: “But that Chiquis is not a Christian and Christians do not have godchildren? Well, who understands that woman, one day Christian and the next day Catholic ”, said one person, which provoked all kinds of responses:

«I was going to say the same thing», «I tell you, double standards», «She doesn’t even have an identity of her own, the poor thing is like bipolar, but she must know that you don’t play with God», «You have to ask her uncle who is a pastor «,» Then he comes out in a live disproportionate left and right «,» She is not a Christian, only her sister. » The attacks grew in intensity more and more …


«She is Christian from Monday to Friday»

After the singer Chiquis Rivera confessed through her stories that she would be the godmother of her friend’s son, users criticized her for being a Christian and being part of a Catholic ceremony.

«She is a Christian from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday, no, locate yourselves», «And what is not being a Christian? Was that christening Catholic or what? If so, she could not be anyone’s godmother because she is one of those churches called ‘Christian’, what things ”.

An admirer of Jenni Rivera’s daughter came to her defense: “She is baptized as a Catholic, she grew up Catholic and made communion. It was only after her uncle became a Christian and the rest of the family followed her. He (Chiquis) always says that he is not of any religion, that he likes to go to different churches ”.

They criticize Chiquis Rivera for baptizing and tell her that she is a Christian

PHOTO Instagram Chiquis Rivera

The doubts among users were more and more evident: «The issue here is that you cannot be a godmother if she is not a Catholic, and she also has to confess first», «What I do not understand is that she always says that she is Christian», » He says that his spiritual guide is Pastor Buelna ”,“ I remember a while ago he went out singing to the Virgin of Guadalupe on Univisión in Las mañanitas a la virgen. How much confusion, her life itself is a mess ”.

A user went with everything to Chiquis Rivera and shared the following message: “She always sends a confusing message, she is a Christian, but she posts half-naked on the networks, she is Christian, but she joins and separates, she separates and joins and so on. With her husband, she is a Christian and creates scandals in her life, starting with her own wedding. It is not consistent with anything she preaches ”.

«What is she not Christian?»

It seems that Chiquis Rivera upset several by saying that she had become the godmother of a child in a Catholic ceremony, while she was a Christian.

The attacks, or claims, continued to be present: “What is she not Christian? And if it was a Catholic baptism, she has to be baptized by the Catholic Church. As far as I know, that is one of the requirements to be a godmother ”.

«In fact, some churches now even ask you to be a sponsor to show that you go to church often and profess Catholicism», «You have to have been attending that church for at least 6 months.»

They criticize Chiquis Rivera for baptizing and tell her that she is a Christian

PHOTO Instagram Chiquis Rivera

For their part, other people expressed themselves as follows. «This lady is tremendous, and the keto?», «Like a woman with money! Of course, who doesn’t want a godmother like that? ”,“ Only for that they want her ”,“ How strange that she can baptize if she is not Catholic. I do not understand the priests ”,“ No, then, what ‘example’ they will give the child ”,“ The devil himself !!! Old witch».

One person said the following about the singer Chiquis Rivera: “When you go to the talks they tell you that you have to set a good example for your godson, so what example is she going to set, ‘be a Christian or a Catholic’? Poor child, having a double moral godmother, hypocritical and scandalous ”.

Finally, a user commented: “Well, she only has to be a godmother (to Jenni Rivera’s daughter), because at the rate she is going, who knows if she will have children one day. You see, she says she can’t, I mean, she doesn’t want to ”.

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