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They announce the departure of a member of ‘Hoy Día’

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The departure of a member of 'Hoy Día' (PHOTO Mezcalent)
  • Abrupt dismissal of Lluberes.
  • Tension and unexpected changes.
  • Uncertain future for ‘Hoy Día’.

In a surprising development for the Telemundo program ‘Hoy Día,’ the departure of one of its key members has been confirmed.

This exit occurs amidst a challenging period for the entertainment industry.

And this further compounded by rumors of potential layoffs at the two most significant Hispanic networks in the United States.

‘Hoy Día’ has experienced a tumultuous period of transition following the departure of some of its most iconic hosts, including Adamari López.

Who left the famous program?

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Member exit from Hoy Día PHOTO Mezcalent

Diógenes Lluberes, the executive producer who led the transformation of ‘Hoy Día’ on Telemundo, was fired this Friday, as reported by Las Tops News.

Lluberes, who took the helm approximately a year ago, joined the program at a crucial time, tasked with rescuing it from a ratings slump.

His approach involved significant changes. in content, set design, and cast, introducing new presenters such as Penélope Menchaca and Andrea Meza.

Later additions to the Telemundo program included Chikybombom and Daniel Arenas.

This is how his dismissal was announced

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These adjustments aimed to rejuvenate the program, which was originally news-focused, transforming it into an entertainment-centric space.

The dismissal took place on Friday, coincidentally at a time when the presenters were on air, commending Lluberes for being named ‘Best Leader’ of Miami Dade District 11.

According to the media reports, he was abruptly fired at the conclusion of the program.

This unexpected termination has left many in a state of bewilderment, especially considering the recent accolades Lluberes had received for his contributions to the program.

Came from Mexico

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Member exit from Hoy Día PHOTO Mezcalent

Lluberes’ recruitment to Telemundo was initiated by Sandra Smester, the Vice President of Programming, who brought him over from Mexico.

He had previously held the same position at ‘Venga La Alegría’ on Tv Azteca.

His task in the United States was seen as a considerable challenge, as it involved transforming ‘Hoy Día’ from a news-centric program to one focused on entertainment, coinciding with the arrival of new hosts like Andrea Meza.

The significance of Lluberes’ departure is further underscored by the fact that Adamari López, the sole presenter remaining from the previous phase of the program, was also recently dismissed.

He faced harsh controversy over how he treated talents

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PHOTO Mezcalent

The dismissal of Adamari López, occurred months after the executive producer’s arrival.

These sudden changes raise questions about the show’s immediate future and spark speculation about the direction Telemundo could take in restructuring ‘Hoy Día’.

Over the course of this year, Diógenes Lluberes faced considerable challenges as leader of the team charged with rescuing Telemundo’s morning show.

Despite their efforts, the situation not only did not improve, but got even worse most of the time.

They claim that he did the lowest thing to Chikybombom

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PHOTO Getty Images

In May, under the pressure and stress of not achieving the desired results, a meeting was called that is remembered for its intensity, according to Las Tops News.

Lluberes showed a firm attitude with some of the program’s talent, leading some to turn to human resources.

A notable example was his interaction with Chikybombom, who, according to eyewitnesses, he handed a pencil to perform an exercise and demanded that she learn to read.

The above, since she was supposedly constantly making mistakes when presenting news, according to the aforementioned media.

Did he also go against Daniel Arenas?

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PHOTO Mezcalent

Another notable case was that of Daniel Arenas, whom Lluberes would have urged to put more courage into his actions.

According to people present at the meeting, he was told that Arenas’ slowness was causing the audience to fall asleep, according to The Top News.

In addition, several of the veteran producers, whose names will not be revealed to preserve their privacy, were pointed out by Lluberes as responsible for the poor performance of the show.

He would have urged them to learn from the new members he had brought in, claiming that they were the ones who were saving what was still working well in the program.

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