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Mitos y Leyendas: The Origin of the World

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Origen del mundo, Continentes, Mar, MundoNow, Podcast
Water Beetle, Shutterstock
  • Genny de Bernardo tells you another version of the origin of the world.
  • The world in which the animals lived was becoming too small for them, so together they thought of an alternative.
  • In a meeting, a small insect, a water beetle, offered a solution to the dilemma.

In ancient times, in a pre-human era, there were only two worlds in the universe: the Upper World and the Lower World.

The Middle World had not yet been formed, and in that cosmos, kindness and selflessness reigned. There was no life of any kind, not even the animal life that would eventually populate the Earth, before it was formless and dark.

The animals shared the Upper World with pure beings who would later be recognized as gods, thanks to their feats and contributions in favor of other creatures.

Over time, the population of animals, including birds with beautiful plumage, snakes, insects, rodents of all sizes, mammals, and all the creatures that sang, chirped, roared, or bellowed, multiplied.


Animals, Paper, Illustration, MundoNow, Podcast

So much so that the Upper World was not enough to house everyone in peace.

Dissatisfaction became widespread, and the noblest and wisest animals gathered in secret to find a solution to the lack of space and find a new home.

The Water Beetle volunteered and said during the assembly of animals: «Due to my aquatic abilities, I commit to exploring the Lower World.»

The others excitedly agreed, and he continued: «I will travel to the dark and unknown depths of that gloomy and insignificant place, and with the help of a Powerful Being, I will return to this assembly with a message from the abyss.»

Water Beetle

Beetle, Water, Algae, MundoNow, Podcast

In that distant era, the Lower World consisted of an immense and turbulent ocean of boiling waters.

The Water Beetle dove from the Upper World into the black waves that broke on the rugged coasts of the sea and over the driftwood from trees that had fallen from the Upper World.

He swam to the bottom of the ocean until he reached the bottom, where he walked on the mud covering the abyss.

After reaching the bottom, the Water Beetle ascended through the turbulent waters to the surface of the sea and finally returned to the Upper World.

The Discovery of the Water Beetle

Sea, Darkness, Waves, MundoNow, Podcast

There, in front of the assembly of animals, he said: «I have found the solution to our problem» and showed his legs covered in mud.

The other animals asked what it meant, as they did not understand. The Water Beetle explained: «This mud on my legs is actually the beginning of our solution.

At the bottom of the Lower World, there is soft and abundant mud that will allow me, with the help of a Powerful Being, to build a new world for all of us, where we can live comfortably.»

Joy spread among those present, and the Water Beetle offered to continue his feat. He announced that he would return to the Lower World and build a new island where they could all live.

The Mud Island

Island, Sea, Platform, MundoNow, World

Despite his bravery and dedication, some animals began to doubt his success.

When he returned to the Upper World after building the island of the Middle World with the mud he carried on his legs, the other animals wanted to see it before deciding to move.

Upon inspecting it, they noticed that the mud was still wet and did not want to move until it was completely dry and firm like rock.

The Water Beetle, discouraged by the attitude of the others, humbly asked what they could do to solidify the island.

A Possible Solution

Vulture, Bird, Feathers, Origin of the world, Podcast

Some suggested accelerating its drying, but others feared that the mud would never dry and that it would be better to stay in the Upper World.

An old animal proposed to seek Great Vulture, and when the great bird arrived, they ordered him to spread his wings and flap them strongly over the mud island in the Middle World.

Great Vulture complied, creating air currents so powerful that they shaped the island and transformed it into firm and lasting land.

Thus, the Middle World became the new home of the animals, thanks to the collaboration between the Water Beetle and Great Vulture. Mitos y Leyendas bids you farewell for now and thanks you for your attention. See you next time!

Mitos y Leyendas
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