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Singer Virlán García’s sister was murdered

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Sister of Virlán García Murdered, Crime, Homicide, Femicide, Mexico- Asesinan hermana de Virlán García, Crimen, Homicidio, Feminicidio, México
Sister of Virlán García murdered (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Sister of Virlán García Murdered
  • Authorities Investigate Possible Femicide
  • Community Distressed by the Event

The artistic and Mexican community is shocked after the confirmation of a cruel act against a 29-year-old woman.

On the night of Wednesday, June 5, the murder of Diana Báez, sister of the singer Virlán García, was announced.

Her body was found in the morning of that day at her home in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora.

Virlán García, known for his Norteño, Banda, Sierreña, and Corrido music, is originally from Guasave, Sinaloa.

Virlán García’s Sister Killed

Intérprete, Celebridades, Tragedia, Asesinan hermana de Virlán García, Crimen

Photo: IG Screenshot Virlán García

The full name of the singer, known for songs like ‘Sientes lo que siento’ and ‘En donde está tu amor’, is Jesús Virlán Báez García.

Thanks to his talent and social media management, he has nearly four million followers and more than five million monthly listeners on digital platforms.

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Now, the talented regional Mexican artist and his family are engulfed in sadness and mourning following the cruel crime against Diana.

Authorities indicated that the 29-year-old woman had been stabbed inside her home.

According to ‘Infobae’, the Attorney General’s Office of Sonora (FGJE) is investigating the case as a possible femicide.

Diana had injuries allegedly made with a knife. The main suspect is Julián A., Diana’s romantic partner.

It is believed that Julián tried to cover up the incident by setting fire to the property. According to preliminary reports, Julián was also Diana’s trainer.

Moreover, local authorities confirmed that the alleged perpetrator is now in custody.

Local firefighters were the first to enter the young woman’s house. They found Diana’s body after noticing a column of smoke coming from the residence.

Her body was found on the bed, with clear signs of violence caused by a knife. The community of San Luis Río Colorado is distraught over the tragic event.

Local authorities continue to investigate to clarify the case. The victim’s family hopes that justice will be served soon.

So far, the composer has not made any statements or posts on social media about the loss.

The news of the murder of Virlán García’s sister has shocked his followers and the musical community.

Diana Báez was known for her closeness to her brother and her participation in his family events.

The investigation into her murder continues, with the prosecution working to gather all the necessary evidence.

The tragic event has once again highlighted the violence many women face in Mexico.

Announcement on Social Media

Murder, Homicide, Singer, Mexico, News, Sister of Virlán García Murdered
Sister of Virlán García Murdered – Photo: Screenshot X Eco_1_LVM

The news has had a broad impact, reaching even those who are not familiar with the singer’s music.

Moreover, the community remains attentive and supportive, waiting for the moment when justice will be served for Diana, noted ‘Infobae‘.

On the social network X, formerly Twitter, the account ‘Eco_1_LVM’ posted a black and white photo of Diana, where they announced her death.

«Diana was stabbed repeatedly in the back, the man is a gym trainer and tried to burn down the house, he has been apprehended,» it states.

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