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Did The Simpsons Predict the Baltimore Bridge Collapse?

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The Simpsons predicted Baltimore Bridge accident (Shutterstock/Key Bridge Response 2024)
  • Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse.
  • Similarities with The Simpsons.
  • Prediction theories disproved.

On Tuesday, March 25, a troubling milestone was reached in Baltimore, United States, with the collapse of the iconic Francis Scott Key Bridge.

The collapse of this structure, triggered by a ship striking one of its pillars, resulted in several fatalities, mostly Hispanics.

However, this situation has left many spectators reflecting on the striking similarities with a scene from The Simpsons, fueling theories of prediction.

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The Simpsons Baltimore Bridge

The Simpsons Baltimore Bridge, Francis Scott Key, bridge, prediction, MundoNOWPHOTO: Shutterstock

It is worth noting that the fateful event took place in the early hours of last Tuesday, when the famous bridge in Baltimore collapsed entirely.

Images shared on social media captured the exact moment of the collapse, immediately confirming the disappearance of several workers.

However, it seems that the famous yellow family from television had foretold that this disaster would occur in one of their episodes.

The Simpsons, a globally renowned series, has captivated audiences with its witty narrative and has often been noted for supposedly predicting future events.

Alleged collapse prediction

@mamma.gypsyLooks like it’s heading right to that beam too… episode was made 3 months ago… prayers for all the lives lost♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

On several occasions, the animated series has accurately predicted events related to its episodes, which has left its followers astounded.

From Donald Trump’s presidency to Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, and even the onset of COVID-19, the series has been the subject of intense debates regarding its alleged predictions.

Once again, attention is drawn to a possible foreshadowing related to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, thanks to an episode circulating on social media.

It’s a snippet from episode 8 of season 35, where Homer Simpson is shown screaming in Scotland, shared by the TikTok user known as Mamma Gypsy.

Users relate episodes

@sofokegz01 #CapCut the simpsons predictions baltimore bridge…. the simpsons predicted it again 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 #thesimpsonspredicted #for you ♬ original sound – sofokegz01

While some have attempted to link this scene with the Baltimore bridge, the user pointed out that the bridge in question is the Forth Bridge located in Scotland, thus discrediting the theory.

The attempt to connect is drawn between the Forth Bridge in Scotland, depicted in the episode, and the collapse of the Baltimore Bridge, as both bridges are very similar and a boat also appears.

Another user suggested a connection between the bridge incident in a 1996 episode of the series where Hank Scorpio detonates a bridge, which some relate to the one in Baltimore.

However, this was identified as the ’59th Street’ bridge in New York, not the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, further dismissing the idea of a prediction.

Had The Simpsons noticed tragedy in Baltimore?

@azulerazo976 #marylandbridge #for you #simpsonspredictions #baltimorebridge #marylandtiktok #bridgemaryland #simpson ♬ original sound – Blue🇭🇳erazo🍅

Despite attempts by some to find correlations between The Simpsons and the bridge collapse, it has been demonstrated that such assumptions lack solid foundations.

Another supposed video of Kent Brockman reporting on the collapse of the Baltimore Bridge. Although circulating online, it has not been verified as authentic, according to the portal La Vanguardia.

It has been proven that this was a video manipulated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and never appeared in any episode of the yellow family.

The phenomenon of seeking parallels between real-life events and moments depicted in The Simpsons is a common practice, fueled by the enduring popularity of the series and the often satirical nature of its plots.

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