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The photos of Emma Coronel that turn on social networks (PHOTOS)

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  • Emma Coronel has captivated all Internet users with her beauty
  • Chapo Guzman’s wife once appeared in a red thong
  • Today the former model is suffering in prison

Emma Coronel red thong. In these last weeks the wife of drug dealer Most wanted by Mexico and the United States, Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, we are talking about Emma Coronel, has gone viral in the world of social networks, after the news about his arrest for drug trafficking was released.

Emma Coronel Aispuro has been involved in drug trafficking all her life, and that made her become the wife of the most famous criminal, but what stands out most about the young woman is her incredible beauty, which by nature dazzles in every photo that is shared on the internet.

Emma Coronel shows off her beauty in little clothes and in the pool

Chapo Guzmán's wife Emma Coronel red thong 7

Rarely is the former model, wife of Chapo Guzmán, caught wearing her figure in a tiny bikini, but on one occasion she decided to share a photograph on her Instagram stories, where she appears having a glass of wine, while wearing a swimsuit two-piece in red.

In the photo mentioned, Emma Coronel is enjoying her day, inside a pool, in Los Cabos, Mexico, she looks relaxed and happy, while in the background you can see a huge house, but it is not yet known who belongs to him or if he is also hers.

Emma Coronel in red bikini

wife of Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel red thong

The beauty of Coronel, dazzles whenever it appears in an image, there was an occasion that through an account of Instagram, created by fans of the former model, shared a photo where the young woman turns on social networks, posing for the camera in a bikini in the shape of a red thong.

Sexy baby, I want you without clothes to put it on! ”,“ Beautiful, my dear sister, I love you, mija, you talked to my mom, I order you to talk to you, take care of yourself, ok ”,“ Beautiful forever beautiful ”, were some of the comments made followers on the post. Filed as wife of Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel red thong

Emma Coronel from model to prison

Chapo Guzmán's wife Emma Coronel red thong 2

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago, Chapo’s wife was arrested in the United States, after being accused of drug trafficking, so to this day she is still waiting for her conviction, which several versions say await her. several years of being behind bars.

Before being arrested, she was a catwalk model, even when she got engaged to the drug trafficker, on social networks, the young woman continued to impress with her beauty, posing in photo shoots, where she captivated anyone who visited her Instagram profile.

Emma Coronel in mini skirt

Chapo Guzmán's wife Emma Coronel red thong 3

Previously, the former model had a photo shoot, where Coronel, left all Internet users with their mouths open, since she wears a sexy white mini skirt, which reveals her long and sensual legs, while sitting on a chair, hands on hips.

She was in her moments of glory at that time, since in addition to beauty, she had money, and she was happy with her daughters, it is worth mentioning that they are twins, everything was pink, for Emma, ​​who did not know what the fate would bring her, a time later when she was arrested.

Chapo Guzman’s wife suffering in jail

Chapo Guzmán's wife Emma Coronel red thong 4

There were different versions, which make Colonel Aispuro guilty, since his compadre “El Licenciado”, who is also in custody, affirmed that the young woman was the main suspect of helping El Chapo escape from prison, in 2015, when he escaped from the famous narco tunnel

After these statements, the criminal reduced his sentence, since he helped to grant more charges to Emma, ​​according to versions of his lawyers, the former model is suffering in prison, since they have her isolated, without rights to anything of luxuries and without water or blankets.

Colonel Aispuro posing in the car

Chapo Guzmán's wife Emma Coronel red thong 5

In one of the snapshots published on social networks, of accounts created by users who admire the model, we can see Emma Coronel, posing under the moonlight, on top of a vehicle, while she is turning to the side, highlighting its beauty.

In the image we see the wife of the most famous drug trafficker, from Mexico and the United States, wearing to show off and captivate with her sensual figure, a very low-cut blouse that reveals her shoulders, in black, accompanied by super tight jeans, that highlight its rear.

Emma Coronel showing off her butt

Chapo Guzmán's wife Emma Coronel red thong 6
Image taken from Insatgram @emma_coronela

A photograph of the former model also came to light, showing off her big butt before the camera, it is worth mentioning that it was one of the images that received the most reactions and comments from the followers who admire and love Coronel, as he looks spectacular.

In this publication you can see an Emma Coronel Aispuro, lying on the bed, while with her right hand she manages to cover her face, but what was most liked by her fans is that she shows her voluptuous rear, and the rain of Compliments and compliments were swift.

Emma Coronel in sexy tight jeans


Emma Coronel Aispuro who was born on July 2, 1989 in San Francisco, California, but her growth was in Mexico. The former beauty queen met her now husband Chapo Guzmán when she was only 17 years old and he was 49.The date of their marriage was July 2, 2007.

The couple spent their honeymoon at one of the drug trafficker’s ranches in the state of Sinaloa. After the marriage, Coronel obtained her degree as a degree in Communication Sciences. In 2006, the 17-year-old was crowned queen of this beauty pageant, a year later, she married “El Chapo”.

Filed as wife of Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel red thong

Emma Coronel and her statuesque figure


It is worth mentioning that each image that appears of Emma Coronel, it is certain that we will see the beauty come true, since she is possessed of an incomparable beauty that even many envy, what most characterizes Emma is her figure and her curves that she constantly boasts.

Through an Instagram account, a photo of Chapo’s wife appeared, revealing her wasp waist, wearing a checkered top blouse, accompanied by tight pants, which highlight the curves of her body where they melt the followers already her fans who follow her.

Filed as wife of Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel red thong

Does she appear dressed as a bride?

PHOTO: Instagram. Emma Coronel

In her last Instagram post, Emma Coronel shared a photograph, where she can be seen posing and modeling in a photo session, where she is wearing a beautiful white wedding dress, appearing with her back to the camera with her eyes closed and her hair blonde.

In the heading that he wrote in his publication, it was possible to know that it is a bridal campaign: “BRIDAL CAMPAIGN 2021
LUMARAN SALÓN ”, this was the last thing she shared on her social network account, before being arrested, by security elements in the United States.

Filed as wife of Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel red thong

A selfie that makes her fans fall in love



Also previously a snapshot of Coronel Aispuro, where he takes a selfie in front of the mirror, caused lust among his followers and Internet users who did not hesitate to react and comment on the image, since according to them it looks quite beautiful, which not just anyone can do .

“Holy shit … Absolutely the most beautiful”, “A woman’s delight in all her splendor”, “What a sin I must commit”, “Splendorous”, were some of the comments made by different Internet users who are in love with the former model, who now she’s stopped.

Filed as wife of Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel red thong

Emma Coronel wearing an elegant dress


Chapo’s wife has been seen wearing different outfits, whether in bikinis, tight jeans, mini skirts, it was only necessary to see her in an elegant evening dress, and so it was that the snapshot was shared using a dress on the social network in yellow with a heart-stopping neckline.

Very beautiful woman ”,“ How beautiful this Mrs. Emma Coronel ”,“ How beautiful she is. Very elegant ”,“ How cool you look little thing ”, these were some of the compliments and compliments that her fans have commented on in the publication, where she is wearing a fairly low-cut long dress, especially for Emma’s lovers.

Filed as wife of Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel red thong

Emma Coronel and her luxuries that she no longer has


Before her arrest, Emma Coronel, boasted of various luxuries that any woman would like to have, since the earnings she obtained from her husband’s work were immense and she enjoyed it with cars and constantly making purchases and that she bragged on social networks .

Now that she is detained, Coronel Aispuro’s lawyers say that the former model is not having a good time in prison, since she is isolated, they even mention that the water they give her is limited, and that in a week she is only He gets to bathe for two days, plus they never turn off the lights so they can sleep.

Filed as wife of Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel red thong

Emma Coronel and her daughters the twins


Emma Coronel is now 31 years old and is the mother of twins María Joaquina and Emalí Guadalupe Guzmán, whom she has kept without showing them so much to the public.In 2019, the former model and beauty queen attended the trial of three almost every day. months of her husband in New York, watching him from the public with their daughters.

Now that he is in jail, Coronel, he is prohibited from receiving visitors, in addition to the fact that the calls he makes have the minutes counted, his lawyers affirm that his greatest pain is not being able to see his daughters again, since, as mentioned, he cannot have pre-trial visits. Images taken from this video

Filed as wife of Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel red thong

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