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Mario Bezares and Julio César Chávez to enter La Casa De Los Famosos Mexico

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Mario Bezares, Julio César Chávez , La Casa De Los Famosos Mexico
New participants on LCDLF Mexico (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • New participants announced for LCDLF Mexico.
  • Mario Bezares and Julio César Chávez could enter.
  • Pepillo Origel gives more details.

EXCITEMENT IS ABOUT TO BEGIN! The second season of «La Casa de los Famosos México» is about to start, and the details are continuing to emerge.

The reality show, premiering in July, could once again feature Galilea Montijo as the host, this time alongside Héctor Sandarti.

Expectations are high for this season, which promises drama, entertainment, and surprises in every episode.

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Possible new participants of LCDLF Mexico revealed

reality show, television, shows, The house of the famous Mexico, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalo

The popular reality show «La Casa de los Famosos México» is gearing up for its highly anticipated second season, and the excitement among fans is growing day by day.

Producer Rosa María Noguerón, known for her work at Televisa, is in charge of selecting the personalities who will enter this new edition of the program.

Although Noguerón has not officially revealed who the participants will be, new rumors are emerging about what is coming.

As a result, showbiz journalists Juan José Origel and Martha Figueroa have already begun to uncover some names, causing a stir in the media and on social networks.

Who will be at LCDLF?

Televisa, Rosa María Noguerón, Juan José Origel, Martha Figueroa, Mario Bezares, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalo

Origel mentioned that among the figures who could be part of this second season are the presenter Mario Bezares, according to El Universal.

In addition to the legendary Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez, the actress Gala Montes, and the former member of the controversial reality show «Acapulco Shore,» Luis «Potro» Caballero.

These names have sparked curiosity and interest among the public, who wonder how these personalities will fare in the confinement of Mexico’s most famous house.

«People are fighting, actors outside the office, from the woman who runs the casting of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, for the second season because everyone wants to be there, everyone,» Origel assured.

Could Pepillo be in the program?

 Julio César Chávez, Gala Montes, Luis "Foal" Caballero, Galilea Montijo, Héctor Sandarti, MundoNOW
Photo: Telemundo


Pepillo Origel himself made it clear that, despite the attractive remuneration and media exposure the program offers, he would not accept to participate in this type of confinement.

His statement has sparked various comments, as many consider that his presence in the house would have been a great draw for viewers.

«Even if they paid me whatever amount, no, just because of how disgusting I am, I would die of disgust in the bathroom if someone entered there,» he emphasized.

«I would fight with everyone; I know how to cook fish, pasta,» Pepillo Origel highlighted on the show, as reported by The universal.

What other news will there be?

Mario Bezares, Julio César Chávez , La Casa De Los Famosos Mexico
Photo: Mezcalent

One of the most discussed aspects is the possible hosting of the new season.

Social media is abuzz with speculation that Galilea Montijo, who already had a successful performance in the first season, could return as the host.

However, this time, her co-host would not be Diego de Erice, but Héctor Sandarti.

Sandarti, with experience as a host of this format in the Telemundo version, would bring his charisma and professionalism to the show, undoubtedly raising the audience’s expectations.

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