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The most sensual photos of Chiquis Rivera in panties that will leave you breathless (PHOTOS)

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  • Chiquis Rivera has turned on social networks on several occasions appearing in panties
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter was harshly criticized for her physique
  • The singer has been involved in several controversies

The controversy singer, daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, we are talking about Chiquis Rivera, has caused great controversy in the world of entertainment, since she has been involved in major scandals, either with her family or in her personal life, but she is also a of the most beloved celebrities.

After her separation with the artist Lorenzo Méndez, where she had allegedly been accused of being unfaithful, Jenni Rivera’s daughter has constantly shared several images on her account. Instagram, where he shows his sensuality, leaving many followers with their mouths open.

Chiquis Rivera showing her sensuality

Jenni Rivera's daughter Chiquis Rivera panties

After his breakup, the singer Chiquis Rivera, has shown the sexy part that he had inside, constantly turning on social networks, he even mentioned that he was only showing Lorenzo what he was missing to provoke him.

Whether in a bikini, in underwear, in a thong and even naked, the musical artist has appeared, in some of the photographs that she uploads on her social network, to captivate and receive praise from the followers who are always there to leave their reactions on as Chiquis may look like this time.

Chiquis Rivera in white thong

Jenni Rivera's daughter Chiquis Rivera panties 2

In one of her latest post, the musical artist shared a video on the social network where she is sitting with her back to the camera, wearing a tiny white bikini in the shape of a thong, Chiquis did not mind showing her cellulite, before the followers who were amazed by the incredible figure that he boasted.

“With scars, stretch marks, cellulite, and all my blemishes… I LOVE me !!!! I ACCEPT myself and I like myself VERY well! THANKS TO GOD! ”, Was the phrase he wrote in the publication where he appears with his white thong, sitting enjoying the view of the sea from one of the beaches of Mexico.

Chiquis posing for a photo shoot

Jenni Rivera's daughter Chiquis Rivera panties 3

On her vacation on one of the beaches in Mexico, the singer Chiquis Rivera once again astonished her followers, wearing her rear in a sexy thong-style bikini, while enjoying the sun on the beach in Tulum, Quintana Roo, there the daughter of the deceased singer Jenni Rivera, shows her ex-partner what she is missing.

It was through his Instagram account, where Chiquis shared the image that left his fans captivated, since he boasts his huge rear full of sand and with the thong that leaves little to the imagination, he wears a daring flowered swimsuit, and she poses for the camera showing off her lush tanned legs, while a sarong covers part of her body.

Chiquis was unfaithful to Lorenzo?

Jenni Rivera's daughter Chiquis Rivera panties 4

After the news was released about the separation of her now ex-partner, the singer Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis was accused of alleged infidelity, where a few days later, she tearfully decided to record herself and explain that she never cheated on her partner in back then.

Even on social networks, he also came to pose next to the singer wearing a two-piece swimsuit, while the couple at that time, enjoyed a vacation on the beach in Puerto Rico, it is worth mentioning that the singer can be see a wasp waist in this photo.

To been very colorful

daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera panties 5

There was an occasion where Jenni Rivera’s daughter raised suspicions about using too much filter in her images, since in one of her publications, she is posing for the camera on her knees and wearing a very colorful sexy bikini, which she looks at the top a sweater for the water that is part of the bathing suit.

Several Internet users were present in the publication of the musical artist, to leave their different opinions about the published snapshot, and that is that in the image Chiquis boasts of a dream figure, and this provoked criticism that the photo is edited .

Great figure or edited photo?

daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera panties 6

The great controversy occurs when in the snapshots Chiquis Rivera, appears showing off an enviable figure, a body that many artists dream of having, she does not look very thin or very fat, sometimes she looks like the perfect body, but there is also evidence where the opposite is seen.

That is where the followers begin to criticize the musical artist, mentioning that she uses too many filters, that she does not look like that in person, that the reality is different, but there are also users who defend her and do not leave her alone in the face of this difficult situation. situation that he constantly goes through.

Chiquis loves to vacation on the beach

daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera panties 7

Jenni Rivera’s daughter has been seen with great frequency, vacationing on different beaches in Mexico, where she has repeatedly said that she enjoys enjoying the waters, sands and the sun, while seeing the immense sea, all this while tanning. wearing sexy and daring bikinis.

The clear example is a photograph published on social networks, by an Instagram account, created by fans of the singer, where they show Chiquis in a tiny two-piece swimsuit, with a lace bra that drives the fans crazy. followers who visited the profile.

Filed as daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera calzones

Chiquis Rivera al natural in a bikini

Chiquis Rivera bikini
PHOTO: Instagram. @ chicapicosa2

Through the Instagram account of Chica Picosa 2, an image of Jenni Rivera’s controversial daughter was shared, natural, without a filter, where her body appears as it really is, and to the surprise of the followers who had it in another concept, they were tremendously surprised, since it is not the same figure that he presumed.

In the publication, the ex-partner of Lorenzo Méndez, appears running on a beach wearing a small and daring red bikini, where you can see a little overweight, very different from other publications that she had shared on her social network account .

Filed as daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera calzones

He started training to lose weight

Chiquis Rivera and her photo in a red bikini

After the criticism received for the photo where he is seen with a little weight gain, Chiquis Rivera decided not to bear any more negative comments, and has dedicated himself to training hard, to be able to silence hundreds of mouths of Internet users who attacked her very constantly in social media.

In her latest posts, the singer has published several videos where she appears training hard, alongside her personal coach, who is in charge of this mission that Rivera has, about improving her physical body, and thus being able to show it off in more daring bikinis in future publications .

Filed as daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera calzones

She has posed in a bikini with extravagant hairstyles


There is no doubt that the musical artist is one of the most loved and hated celebrities in show business, since although she is a person who likes to party, and has been involved in controversy either with her family or In his personal life, he has also shown that he has feelings.

What is certain is that his fans really enjoy the images he shares on his Instagram account, and especially where he shows his figure with sexy outfits, that although many say they are edited, others only enjoy the moment, and the different personalities that the singer can wear.

Filed as daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera calzones

Chiquis Rivera enjoys drinks and parties


Despite the fact that Jenni Rivera’s daughter does not own a slim body, as many models presume, Chiquis shows off an incomparable sensuality, which not just anyone can have, this causes the lust of users who visualize her to be enchanted by lifetime.

The party and alcohol are two of the best tastes of the celebrity, and is that on several occasions he has been seen drinking alcoholic beverages, there was an image where he is celebrating with glasses of tequila in a sexy white bikini, with a transparent robe that certainly captivates everyone.

Filed as daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera calzones

The beauty of Chiquis is incomparable

Source: Instagram. Chiquis Rivera placeholder image

This time, we can see a very relaxed Chiquis, in a boat, apparently the musical artist is vacationing again on the high seas, wearing a beautiful swimsuit that the part of the bra is yellow and the bottom part It is black, and accompanies them with sunglasses.

This was one of his Instagram stories, dated October 2020 according to the photo, here clearly he is not using any filter to remove his body or add more figure, but he looks as is, to try to avoid the comments of the haters who take advantage of any moment.

Filed as daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera calzones

Chiquis drives his followers crazy


In different publications, the musical artist has shown that she has a large number of followers, and of lovers who according to her comments would do anything to meet her, below will be shown some messages that Internet users make on her Instagram.

Not your fan. #1 72 years old but with good taste continues to triumph that you have a lot ahead of you. “,” Chiquita, you have a tremendous ass … mija. ” Image published showing his rear.

Filed as daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera calzones

Chiquis Rivera a celebrity


The publication where Chiquis is seen wearing her rear in a bikini, has more than 200 thousand reactions of “likes” and more than 3,000 comments from captivated followers. There were those who could not resist saying what they really feel: “delicious cul … I love your buttocks …, I would like to eat them”, “I love you and your perfect shine. Beautiful inside and out ”.

Even some followers recited poems: “IT IS NOT ORANGE NOR LEMON IT IS JANNEY THAT SHINES IN MY HEART.” Some would give anything to be with her, “She is alone because she chooses it, because there will be several who would give anything to make her intensely happy, just as you deserve.”

Filed as daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera calzones



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