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The misfortune continues! After almost losing her life, actress Fernanda Castillo now asks for prayers for the health of a fan

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  • Actress Fernanda Castillo is concerned about the health of one of her fans
  • He shared on his Instagram account a message for the young woman who is sick
  • «Praying for you, my Evelyn, and that you will soon be well»

Fernanda Castillo a sick fan. After the year began in a very bad way,

being hospitalized due to complications in her delivery, the actress of El Lord of heaven, Fernanda Castillo received bad news from one of her most loyal fans, according to People in spanish.

It should be remembered that at the beginning of the year the young actress could not be by her son Liam, since she had to be hospitalized for having some problems when giving birth to her baby.

After a few days of being hospitalized, the Mexican came out fine and is now at home resting, but in this process she received news that worried her.

Fernanda Castillo sick fan



This is one of her most loyal followers, who received the news that she is very ill, so Fernanda Castillo said she was praying for her speedy recovery, «Praying for you, my Evelyn, and that you will be well soon», said the actress on Instagram.

Through the account of Instagram From a group of fans, an image was published describing Evelyn’s health status: “I am the sister of one of you, Evelyn. She is currently frail in the hospital, needs a heart transplant and is in a coma. Yesterday she had a surgery which has her in this state ”, the image reads.

Fernanda Castillo sick fan 2


It was also added: “To those who are believers I ask a prayer to heaven for her, so that she will soon be well and happy. Like you, she loves Fernanda eternally and I know that fans can help each other ”.

The publication was accompanied by a phrase where they appreciate the help that is provided: «All your help will be welcome, thank you very much.»


The actress Fernanda Castillo made that message public when she shared it on her Instagram stories, where she asked them to send their prayers for Evelyn’s speedy recovery.

Fernanda Castillo sick fan 3


A request that the actress is making with all her heart. She knows very well what it is to be in that situation admitted to a hospital and she also knows what it is like to get out of it alive.

Hope should always be present at all times. Like her husband Erik Hayser, who never separated from the actress when she was in the hospital in very poor health.

Filed under a sick Fernanda Castillo fan.

The actress Fernanda Castillo was hospitalized in an emergency

Just a few days after giving birth to her first child, the actress Fernanda Castillo was admitted to an emergency hospital, where her partner Erik Hayser has not separated for a single moment from her.

PHOTO: Instagram. Fernanda Castillo.

The news was released on the Instagram account of the Primer Impacto program, where they commented: “Actress Fernanda Castillo is hospitalized after days of giving birth. Her partner Erik Hayser has not detached for a single moment from her ”.

The celebrity was taken to the hospital in an emergency, everything seems to indicate that it was due to complications in her delivery, the program’s reporters spoke with Fernanda’s husband, but could not give more information about what happened.

On the account of Instagram by Fernanda Castillo, had shared photos about how excited the couple were after having a new member of the family in their hands, who is their son.

December 19 was when little baby Liam was born, who greeted the new year by posting photos of his son and showing how happy he was for that blessing.

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