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In 2011 members of the Mexican National team were suspended for partying with prostitutes at their hotel

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  • In 2011 members of the Mexican National Team partied with prostitutes.
  • They decided to celebrate before the Copa América in Quito.
  • The women robbed them and they were suspended.

The 2011 Copa América was fateful for the Mexican National soccer team. because they hired sex workers to party with them at their hotel in Ecuador before one of the games. Apparently the women also robbed them, according to Infoveloz.

On that occasion, the Mexican Soccer Federation decided to bring a complementary team to the under-22s, because the senior team was playing in the Gold Cup. However, it was a bad choice, since the youngsters got carried away celebrating.

Members of the Mexican National team partied with prostitutes

Ecuador Sex Servers Mexican Selection
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The young players faced the national team of Ecuador in Quito. However, they got carried away with celebrating and at least eight players were suspended for their bad behavior, leaving the FMF in a bad spot in the eyes of the world and especially of the fans.

These types of incidents are common among soccer players, who take advantage of their trips to other countries to blow off steam, but these guys took it a little too far. They weren’t even celebrating a victory, only being chosen for this tournament and they ended up saying goodbye before it began.

What happened at the hotel?

Tata Martino Mexican National Team flu fine
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The players hired some local prostitutes, however, they did not expect to be robbed. They reported the robbery and it was discovered that they had brought the women to the hotel, so the FMF did not think twice and suspended them.

In a press conference Héctor González Iñárritu, director of national teams of the Mexican Football Federation, explained: «The players will be disqualified for the next six months from any call to the national team.»

Who was suspended?

Ecuador Sex Servers Mexican Selection
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The decision was made by a board of directors who forbid them from playing for six months. They also had to pay a $4,200 fine.

Among those suspended were: Jonathan Dos Santos, who was playing at that time for Barcelona’s B team in Spain; Javier Cortés, striker for the Pumas de la UNAM; Marcos de la Mora, striker for Chivas de Guadalajara; Jorge Hernández; Néstor Glass: Israel Jiménez; David Cabrera and Néstor Calderón.

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