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The fourth contestant is eliminated from ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

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The fourth eliminated from, Show, Woman, MundoNow, News
The fourth LCDLF eviction (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • The fourth LCDLF eviction has been announced.
  • The reality show is ‘hot’ again
  • Has Alfredo Adame left?

After Thalí García left La Casa de los Famosos, the fourth eviction was announced, generating a surprising reaction.

Five people are nominated to leave the house each week and on this occasion they were Rodrigo Romeh, Clovis Nienow, Mariana González, Alfredo Adame and Gregorio Pernía.

This week’s favorites were Alfredo Adame and Clovis, who were saved by fans of the Telemundo show.

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In an unexpected twist, it was announced that the person leaving La Casa de los Famosos this week was Mariana González, which shocked viewers.

Mariana and Gregorio were the two finalists in this week’s eviction ceremony.

«The public has decided, the public always has the last word. (…) The public has decided who leaves La Casa De Los Famosos, it is you Mariana,” declared Nacho Lozano.

Fans saved their favorite of the week, causing a stir within La Casa de los Famosos.

The fourth LCDLF eviction is revealed

Fourth eliminated LCDLF, Audience, Telemundo Program, Contest, Celebrities, Expectation, Surprise, MundoNOW
PHOTO: YouTube Capture

Five showbiz personalities were nominated to leave the house, generating a stir that has kept the show’s viewers in suspense.

The nominees for this week were: Rodrigo Romeh, Clovis Nienow, Mariana González, Alfredo Adame and Gregorio Pernía.

With such a charismatic group, the tension on La Casa de los Famosos reached its peak, and viewers were quick to express their opinions and preferences on social media.

Fans of all the nominees discussed their strategies.

Did people want Mariana off the show?

YouTube, program, Telemundo, Reality Show, MundoNOW
The fourth LCDLF eviction / PHOTO: YouTube Capture

The first person to avoid eviction was Alfredo Adame who did not hesitate to thank his fellow nominees and return home.

The second person to be saved by fans was Clovis, who said he was thankful for having the opportunity to return to the reality show.

Mariana, Rodrigo and Gregorio were the three remaining nominees.

Finally, the third person to be saved from eviction was Romeh making Mariana and Gregorio the last two nominees.

One of the show favorites?

Alfredo Adame, actor, soap opera star, Celebrities, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Alfredo Adame, known for his charisma and controversial statements, has built a loyal fan base throughout his career.

His stay in La Casa de los Famosos has become a kind of crusade for fans of the famous soap opera actor.

And they spare no effort to ensure that the controversial character continues in the competition.

«Sometimes I think it’s just Alfredo Adame and I against the world.» «Don Alfredo Adame is a great person who only gets judged,» were two comments.

Did Clovis come close to being voted off the show?

fourth lcdlf eviction, la casa de los famosos, reality show MundoNOW
PHOTO: Meznivel

On the other hand, Clovis, recognized for his artistic talent and charming personality, has won not only his housemates but also a wide audience.

His nomination was an unexpected blow for his fans, who have mobilized on social media to support him.

«We love you Clovis.» «If it weren’t for Clovis, the house would be more boring than it already is.» «I’m your fan, papacito.»

«Clovis Nienow the best strategist this season.» «Vote for Romeh, Clovis and Gregorio,» they commented online.

LCDLF is on fire!

fourth lcdlf eviction, reality show, contestants, MundoNOW
The fourth LCDLF eviction / PHOTO: Meznivel

The reality show, known for its ability to keep the audience in suspense, has once again managed to generate interest and conversation around the lives of celebrities.

Recent events have made it clear that, beyond the skills and talents of the participants, active audience interaction plays a crucial role.

The competition continues to be unpredictable, proving once again that in this reality show, the interaction between the participants and the audience is the most important thing.

In an unexpected twist, the decision of the viewers seems to be dividing between fervent support for the nominees who stole the hearts of the audience.

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