Inicio » English » The day that Emma Coronel, El Chapo’s wife, boasted front attributes in a transparent lace blouse (PHOTOS)

The day that Emma Coronel, El Chapo’s wife, boasted front attributes in a transparent lace blouse (PHOTOS)

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  • Emma Coronel, El Chapo’s wife is still detained in the US but an unexpected image emerged
  • El Chapo’s wife long ago showed off her body in a sexy transparent lace blouse
  • Emma Coronel continues to captivate followers with her body

Following the arrest of Emma Coronel, Chapo’s wife in the United States for drug trafficking and alleged complicity in the Capo’s escape, photos, videos and moments of the woman’s life reappear, so now it is not surprising that photos appear in sexy transparent lace blouse.

After it became known that Emma Coronel was suffering in prison due to the precarious conditions in which she is found, being isolated, presumably without being able to cover herself or drink water, also without seeing her twins, now sexy photos of her resurface.

Chapo’s wife at 17 years old won a contest of beauty in her town, which is why it was at that moment that El Chapo ‘decided’ to make her his wife, changing her life completely; hence the woman has been his ‘right hand’.

After leaking a video where Emma Coronel teaches herself to shoot weapons, then some photos of her past as a former beauty queen, as well as images in tight pants, this time El Chapo’s wife dazzled with her front attributes.

Through the account of Instagram called ‘Emacoroneloficial’ which apparently belongs to fans, two photographs were published where the sexy ‘influencer’ walked down the street wearing a transparent lace blouse that highlighted her large breasts.

Emma Coronel, El Chapo's wife in a transparent blouse (Instagram)

Emma Coronel, El Chapo’s wife in a transparent blouse (Instagram)

In the first photo you can see how Emma Coronel talks with a woman while wearing her hair in a ponytail, with makeup as usual in dark and neutral tones, but elegant with tight white pants, accompanied by a jacket of the same tone .

However, what stands out is her see-through lace blouse that has a kind of print in sequins and that highlights ‘the charms’ that allowed him to conquer Chapo Guzmán.

Emma Coronel, El Chapo's wife in a transparent blouse (Instagram)

Emma Coronel, El Chapo’s wife in a transparent blouse (Instagram)

But just when these photographs resurface, just a few days ago a shocking image of Emma Coronel had been leaked in the White House …

Caderona and fitted, this is how the sexy Emma Coronel appears, wife of Chapo Guzmán, who since she was arrested in the US, several photographs of her past began to appear, including one in front of the White House.

In what is legally defending against the accusations of drug trafficking and supposed complicity to plan the escape of her husband El Chapo Guzmán, now Emma Coronel is on everyone’s lips.

Just when the reasons for her arrest were leaked, statements from her stepdaughter also appeared asking not to condemn her, as well as photos from the past of the beauty queen when she was 17 years old and lived in Mexico.

At the same time that the possibility that he has voluntarily surrendered to cooperate with the US government to ‘expose’ drug trafficking is being considered, a surprising image of Emma Coronel now appears.

Long ago, when she was completely free, Emma Coronel went without fear to visit the White House and now the photograph of that day is revealed.

Dressed completely in black and with her characteristic long black hair, Chapo’s wife appears wearing dark glasses, a fitted black blouse and a pronounced ‘v’ neckline that stylized her tiny waist.

In addition, what steals the attention in the Instagram photo ’emmacoronel_fans’, was that Emma Coronel boasts a waist in the style of ‘Thalía’ with equally fitted pants that tightened her fleshy legs and prominent hips.

In front of the White House (Instagram)

In front of the White House (Instagram)

However, it is unknown when this image could be taken in front of the White House, a clear sign that Chapo’s wife was not afraid of US ‘justice’ at that moment.

Now, her luck has changed, as Emma Coronel faces a possible life sentence if her participation in drug trafficking and complicity in the escape of Chapo Guzmán is proven. However, Mundo Hispánico has other never-before-seen photographs of the Capo’s wife.

Impact curves! Emma Coronel, El Chapo’s wife, looks radiant in fitted jeggins that highlight her incredible meaty legs and her big butt; followers admire the “queen”.

It was a couple of days ago when it was revealed that the former Mexican model, Emma Coronel, was arrested at Dullers International Airport for drug trafficking, which is still being held in the United States awaiting trial.

After this, a photograph was revealed where Chapo’s wife had tremendous legs in jeggins, which made her incredible and curvy body stand out even more.

Emma colonel jeggins

PHOTO: Instagram @ maryjaneee09

It was through the Instagram account called @ maryjaneee09 that we could see the 31-year-old woman posing in front of the camera, while wearing a mustard yellow vest and a completely white blouse.

However, what most caught the attention of the followers of said page was the incredible body that Chapo’s wife boasted, since she wore blue jeggins very close to her contoured and fleshy legs, which showed her incredible butt and body.

In the video we see how Emma Coronel was being given “instructions” to pose, while she adjusted her hair and threw a small smile into the air.


PHOTO: Instagram. Telemundo

At the bottom of the video, the account wrote the following message: “The #Bella #EmmaCoronel in a photo session with jeggings that highlight all her curves @emmacoronel.”

Despite the fact that the video was shared on January 30, 2019, long before she was arrested for drug trafficking, various comments began to arrive, where account users highlighted how beautiful Chapo’s wife looked in those fitted jeggins. You can see the video of Emma Coronel here.

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