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Mitos y Leyendas: The Carob Tree

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  • Genny de Bernardo shares with you the legend of the carob tree.
  • The Comechingones defend themselves from an invasion.
  • When they were tired, they asked the gods for help, and the gods responded.

The story tells us that, unfortunately, ancestral peoples suffered with the arrival of men from other lands.

For a long time, we have known the history of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in America and everything that followed.

History cannot be erased, but we can learn from it to create a better environment for all people on the planet, allowing them the freedom to practice and express their beliefs.

Now, we share with you a legend of the carob tree, which played a crucial role in the feat achieved by the Comechingones with its help.

The Comechingones

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Long ago, during the time when the Spaniards began to colonize America, a significant event occurred.

The Comechingones indigenous people, filled with fear, witnessed the arrival of white-skinned, armed men. Despite their fear, followers of the Comechingón chief, Ipachi Naguan, stood up to the newcomers.

The battle dragged on, and fatigue and hunger gradually weakened the residents.

At that critical moment, Ipachi Naguan made the decision to lead his people to a forest of carob trees, where he pleaded with the gods to protect their women and children.

To the rescue

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When it seemed that all was lost, something unexpected happened. The branches of the carob trees began to shake and released a shower of fruits that opened, revealing their seeds.

These carob pods became the perfect source of food for the indigenous people, who satisfied their hunger with them. Then, feeling revitalized, they returned to the battle and managed to defeat the Spaniards.

Thus, the fruits of the carob trees became the salvation of the inhabitants of that land at that crucial moment in their history.

Mitos y Leyendas appreciate your interest and hope that the legend of the carob tree has been to your liking. Until next time!

Mitos y Leyendas
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